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Odisha to showcase rice varieties at the international meet on rice at Thailand #Odisha #Rice 

Odisha is likely to put up a stall at the international meet on rice at Thailand next year to provide world wide exposure to rice varieties, particularly the local aromatic varieties as there is a huge export potential, said Dr Samarendra Mohanty, head of social science division, IRRI, Philippines.


Talking to reporters on the sidelines of a India Rice Conclave organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce here recently, Dr Mohanty said there were several areas where he was working with the Odisha government, Orissa University of Agriculture Technology (OUAT) and others.

He pointed out that the focus has now turned to reducing production risks like crop insurance, crop diversification, risk reducing technology, creating opportunities for non- farm income , land consolidation etc.

He also spoke of steps to encourage use of mobile phones by farmers to get information on fertilizer use, market rates etc.

“We are working on multi-resistant varieties which would withstand both drought and floods.Some of these proposals will be initiated in six districts on a pilot basis..Acknowledging that paddy cultivation is considered as a sustenance level crop and not a income generating one,” he said.

Other experts including the vice chancellor of OUAT Surendranath Pasupalak pointed out that in Odisha there is very little scope of reducing the area under paddy cultivation as the low lying land has no choice but to grow paddy and over 90 per cent of the medium land also grows paddy.

He noted that there is no rain gauge system in place at the panchayat level. The Indian chamber of commerce (ICC) will prepare a vision document for paddy in Odisha.

It will contain all challenges of state’s farmer, rice mills and exporters are facing now-a-days.