SHIVDAS: – An Excellent Elucidation of Love, Sex, Desperation and Depression creation By Rajendra Roul #Odia #Books

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SHIVDAS: – An Excellent Elucidation of Love, Sex, Desperation and Depression creation By Rajendra Roul #Odia #Books

SHIVDAS - An Excellent Elucidation of Love, Sex, Desperation and Depression creation By Rajendra Roul #Odia #Books“Shivdas” is a recently published Odia Short-story collection by Rajendra Roul, a   front line writer of the Gen-Y. With nine stories, the author has beautifully analyzed the psychological dilemma, human being faces in day to day life. Protagonists are all but young, rebellious, and visionary with uncompromising state of mind. Frankly enough, they are young and rebellious towards the society with new vision to lead the life of their own. They are ultimate freedom seekers; but can’t be regarded as hippie.

The title story “Shivdas” is the mysterious tale of a young married man who yearns to go untraceable. Untraceable-But why? The story revolves around this very question- WHY! As the story progresses, suspense builds up more and more. The cynical evolution of the courses plot has the potential to bind the readers till end.

Death is the most sought after unfolded mystery in the history of mankind. The story “O! Phoenix” reveals the psychopathic mentality of a young beautiful lady of twenties though she is not really a psychopath. Strange! She has a strong desire to know ‘how death tests!’ It may sound weird; but the author has made a beautiful attempt to build up the character of a beautiful lady desiring to test death alive.

Sometimes the most powerful succumbs to failures. The story “Agantuka” (the stranger’) is an unconventional Odia story wherein we can find how helpless the God is!  He is not able to convince others that he himself is ‘The God’. The story is an exposition of negative attitude of modern mankind.  Considering the suspicious nature of the people, the author asks- can we believe an entity that has all the qualities of being God and tries to prove that he is really God. Perhaps the answer would- NO!

SHIVDAS creation By Rajendra Roul #Odia #BooksSex is the most important biological necessity of mankind. The author eulogizes this vital aspect human behaviour in the preface. Can we ignore sex in our day-to-day life? The reply is blunt ‘no’. That’s why, perhaps he says in one of his stories that- sex can turn foes into friends and die-hard friends into fierce foes (O! Phoenix). In yet another story he describes- Sex is a blessing. Only blessed are the one who get it (Ghatantara).

Tapata Madhyahna (The hottest noon) is the last story of this collection. This is the story is of a young destitute man who by misfortune became victim of a daughter of a rich father. Pallavi is a good looking girl – boys’ heart-throb. But she is starved of parents’ time and love and craved for love, time and sex to meet her physical and emotional appetite. She needs only sex and time-pass partners, though she was already engaged with a rich NRI who resides there with his concubine. Pallavi choose this rich NRI to fulfil all her material requisites. But can money buy everything that one needs? To get answer you will have to go through it.

Till date, this is the fifth book and third short story collection of Mr. Roul. In every collection (excluding SACHIN, a biography), we can find the imprint of different facets of human behavior in their everyday life. In his writings, one can find the existentialism of French writer-philosopher Albert Camus and at the same time Kafka’s cynicism. The characters of his stories and fictions are beautiful blend of eastern culture and western modernism.

The book, SHIVDAS, has been published under the banner of Dakhya Books, is now available at the book markets of all over Odisha and online as well. You can directly find the book @ :

I wish a wonderful reading for the readers.

Product details

  • Paperback: 114 pages
  • Publisher: Dakshya Books (2015)
  • Language: Oriya
  • ISBN: 987-93-84902-07-0
  • Price: Rs 79/-

Review by- Udaya Mohapatra

Senior Manager- Economist 

Punjab National Bank

Head Office, New Delhi

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