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Odia Kakara Pitha – The authentic Odia pitha pana – Festival time Pitha – Odisha Delicious food
Chitau Pitha

Ingredients for Odia Kakara Pitha:-
• 1:- Atta (Gaham chuna)-500gm
• 2:- Sugar (chini)-300gm
• 3:- Chopped coconut (Nadia cora)-250gm
• 4:- Guajarati powder (Cardamom)-12gm
• 5:- Salt-On your taste
• 6:- Desi ghee/Banaspati ghee-for frying
• 7:- Black paper powder (Gol mariachi)-10-15 gm

How to Prepare Kakara pitha in Odia Style:-

1:- First start gas and take a bowl, add some water and boil. Add 200 gm of sugar and salt (in your choice) on water. When sugar dissolve in water add atta and mix them. Boil this paste in 10-15 minute.
2:- In another bowl Take chopped coconut and 100Gm of sugar and frying when this mix can see golden brown (maximum 10 minute)
3:- Take some water in boiled atta and make fine paste .Like Ruti dove
4:- Make small boll from this dove. Flatten each ball and stuff the frying coconut on it. And again make a boll with inside stopping. Flatten them by hand just like we make puri.
5:- heat oil on a frying pan, and fry these flattern bolls till they are shown golden brown. Now your atta Kakara pitha is complete for serve.

By Gayatree Dey

Love to cook , Travel n Photography