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Now flight available to Koraput – Bhubaneswar  from 3rd December by Air Odisha

Air service from Jeypore to Bhubaneswar will start from 3rd December said Air Odisha CMD Mr.Radha Krushna Pani in a press conference at Jeypore Thursday. ‘Air Odisha’ is a Bhubaneswar based private air service provider; the company has been providing similar air service to Jharsuguda, Rourkela from Bhubaneswar.

The CMD, Air Odisha said that a nine-seater flight would leave Bhubaneswar 7 am on December 3 and reach Jeypore at 8.30 am. In the return direction, the flight would leave Jeypore at 9 am and reach Bhubaneswar at 10.30 am.   The fair have been priced at Rs 7,500 per passenger.