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NanaBaya Geeta – The Poetry of Odia Kids #odisha #Sahitya #Odia – Article by Taranisen Pattnaik


bai chadhei geeta - nana baya geeta- eodisha.orgNana Baya Geeta (Lullaby in English & Lori in Hindi)) in Odia are the children’s rhymes & folktales rendered by mothers/grannies through storytelling to the children for various occasions like sleeping or consoling them. Most of the songs have anonymous poets & has become part of folk culture. These songs are hummable & its rhythm and style are unique. Sometimes its quite impossible to translate into English (hence nonsense songs) while trying to keep the original feeling intact.

Nanabaya Categories :- 

Nanabaya songs are sung under different occasions depending on the situation, but one thing is common – its directed towards the well being of the child. The various occasions includes ‘gelha kariba’’ (while cuddling & showing affection), jhulaeba’ (while swinging), ‘nacha kariba’ (while dancing with the child), ‘kanduthile bujhaeba’ (while consoling the crying child), ‘khuaeba’ (while trying to make them eat their food), ‘suaeba’’ (while trying to make them sleep), ‘sikhya geeta’ (while teaching them basics) etc.

Types of Nanabaya Songs

Nanabaya poetry falls under Children’s Literature category. There are basically two types of Nanabaya Geeta – Prachina Nanabaya Geeta (ancient lullaby) & Adhunika Nanabaya Geeta (modern lullaby).

Under Prachina Nanabaya Geeta category, there’s no written records of poets available & this anonymous songs are sung orally & passes from generation to generations. Examples of Prachin Nanabaya Geeta includes Akala Makala TakalaTtian, Tuan Tuin, All Mall Dhinki Dhall, Aikam Baikam, Akhi Nahin Kana Nahin,Aa Janha Mamun Sarada Sashi, Aare Baya Aa, Asare Pilae Banaku Jiba, Itikili Mitikili….. !! Some are still alive while most of the others have simply vanished while some have been modified as modern lullabies.

 nanabaya24Adhunika Nanabaya Geeta (19th century onwards), on the other hand are more or less documented with names of poets. Famous poets of Nanabaya songs includes Pallikavi Nanda Kishore Bal who had published his collection of songs in 1934 under the title “Nanabaya Geeta”. His popular Nanabaya songs include Baya Chadhei, Chutia Musha,  Ho’o re Baya ho’o, Nida Mausi, Benguli Nani, Baya Maa etc. Other popular Modern Nanabaya Geeta poets includes Ramakrushna Nanda (Hathi ne Ghoda ne, Chaka Chaka Bhaunri), Madhusudan Rao, Laxmikant Mohapatra Aa Janhamamun), Godabarish Mishra (Tuni Hua Pua), Gopal Chandra Praharaj (Jhulu Hathi Jhulu, Tu’uku Mushi re), Nilakantha Das, Manmohan Patnaik (Chaka Chaka Bhaunri), Kalicharan Patnaik (Dho re Baya Dho, Aa Janha Mamun Saraga Sashi),  Upendra Tripathy (Tu’uku Mushi), Udaynath Sarangi (Bae Chadhei, Chaka Chaka Bhaunri), Kunjabihari Das (Udu Uduma), Narayan Prasad Singh (Kaincha Kakudi) etc. Many Nanabaya songs have similar lyrics or at least have same starting lines & there are various versions of the same Nanabaya songs too.

Nanabaya Songs & Odia Movies

nanabayua geeta                            Movies are the best medium for spreading social message & it is said that it reflects the society. Since, Nanabaya songs are part of Odia culture, its presence have also been noticed in Odia movies too. The first ever use of Nanabaya song in Odia films is “Dho re Baya Dho” from the movie Parinama (1961) sung by Nirmala Mishra &  lyrics by Narayan Prasan Singh. Other popular nanabaya songs in Odia movies includes Aa Janha Mamun, Akhi Nahin Kana Nahin (Movie-Aparichita, Lyrics-Pratibha Ray, Singer-Aydasha, Music-Mushir), Aa Mo Pakhaku Aa (Movie-Tunda Baida, Lyrics-Devdas Chotray, Music-Akshay Mohanty), Akala Makala Takala Tian (Movie-Mathura Bijay, Lyrics/Music-Prafulla Kar), Akasha Kainya Chilka Machha (Movie-Ghara Bahuda), Damera Kau re Damera kau (Movie-Manini), Itikili Mitikili, Rumku Jhumana (Nagaphasa), Kaincha Kakudi (Movie-Abhinetri), Kaincha Mali (Movie-Jaephula), Nida Maushi Pakhaku Ashi (Pua Mora Kala Thakura), Nida Eka Phulabana (Sankha Sindura), Tuni Hua (Bhul Kahara), Dina Pare Dina Gala (Janani) etc.

Sadly, Nanabaya songs are vanishing from our culture rapidly. The advent & popularisation of English language can be cited as the major reason for vanishing of Nanabaya songs. Other factors  includes relocation of people from village to urban areas, advent of entertainment medias like TV, Video, Cable TV, Cinema, Computer & internet, mobile & others to name a few. Moreover, the practice of nuclear families & working mothers are to some extent responsible for extinction of Nanabaya songs which minimises the granny & grandchildren interaction & thereby affection. Grannies are said to be the perfect brand ambassadors of Nanabaya songs since they are said to have a great oral collection of such songs. Moreover, if Prachin Nanabaya songs are recorded or documented, it may help in preservation & survival for the coming generations to hear. Or else, instead of Dho’re Baya Dho, we’ll be hearing rhymes praising the Twinkles, Ringas & the Humties & not the Tuan Tuins !

By Taranisen Patnaik

A freelancer on Odisha & its culture | Blogger |Matchbox Collector| Founder http://aitiha.com/