muga dali saga
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“Muga Dali Saga” A Typical odia food – Article by Gayatree Naik 
This is a typical Odia food called as “Muga Saga Dal” , mainly we odia used to have in daily life and mainly in Habisa.

Procedure :-

  1.  Cut All the green leaf into small ,Add Mug Dal in water .
  2. Cut Onion (if required) ,
  3. Add a Kadai in Stove once it will bit hot add mustard oil , then add jeera n mustard seeds n then Green chile ,
  4.  wait for 1 min to be fry , then Sag and fry it and then after some time add the Mug dal into it .
  5. add Termoric powder n salt as per requirement,
  6. wait some time n once it will get boiled then serve with friend ,
  7. Try it n let me know the test ,

By Gayatree Dey

Love to cook , Travel n Photography