Ms.Prisha Sinha - A Versatile Soulful Odissi Dancer, A Karate Kid and a Yoga Girl
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About Prisha Sinha

Prisha Sinha is a student of 7th grade at New Horizon Gurukul School, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Being a charmer among her friends and loved by all her teachers, she is even excelling in her academics with her sheer hard work and dedication. Her both parents are Mother: Sandhya Behera Sinha & Father: Koushik Sinha

Ms.Prisha Sinha - A Versatile Soulful Odissi Dancer, A Karate Kid and a Yoga Girl

Supremely gifted with various talents, Prisha has truly evolved as a Soulful Odissi Dancer, A Karate Kid and a Yoga Girl. Her Postural Grace and fluidic dance movements makes her audience spellbound. Her super flexible yoga movements are nothing but a visual treat. And her tough and stout Karate stances, kicks, punches make her a perfect combination of Grace and Grit.

Prisha Sinha’s Odissi Journey

Born to an Odia – Bengali Engineer parents Prisha is a perfect amalgamation of Talent and Grace.

She was just three when she performed a Bollywood dance number on stage as a part of the annual day of her Play School. Her parents Sandhya and Koushik were watching her and was amazed to see her flawless performance at such a tender age. And rest is history…

Ms.Prisha Sinha - A Versatile Soulful Odissi Dancer, A Karate Kid and a Yoga Girl

Being from Odisha, having immense love for Odissi Dance, Sandhya decided at that very moment to start a proper training in Odissi Dance for Prisha. As they are settled in Bangalore, it was quite a challenge for her to look out for a proper Odissi Guru. But with lots of efforts, she finally got in touch with Guru Smt.Madhulita Mohapatra at Nrityantar Academy of Performing Arts, Bengaluru.

It’s been 9 years since then the journey of learning the great art form is going on relentlessly as Prisha is incredibly passionate towards the classical form of dance, “ODISSI”.

Her deep regards and immense love towards her beloved Guru Smt.Madhulita Mohapatra, keeps Prisha very high spirited to learn Odissi Dance and dedicate her time to dig deeper to know the intricacies of this great art form.

Her Promising Stage Presence, Postural Grace, Astonishing Eye Expressions, Amazing Facial Gestures and the Fluidic Body Movements have made the audience really mesmerized watching her performances at such a young age.

Odissi Dance carrier of Prisha

Prisha has successfully passed the Nritya Bhushan Part -1 (1st Year) exam from Chandigarh University and has appeared for the Nritya Bhushan Part – 2 (2nd Year) exam in 2020.

To name a few Prestigious platforms she has performed across India:

  1. Naba Gunjan 2020 (Virtual) – Gunjan Dance Academy, Cuttack.
  2. eOdisha.Org (Virtual) 2020 – Bhubaneswar.
  3. Natya Sunada Ankura 2020 (Virtual) – Nadamrutha School of Music, Bengaluru.
  4. Chinna Kala Nadam – 2018 and 2019 @ Bengaluru,Karnataka.
  5. Articulate Dance Festival – 2018 @ Mysore, Karnataka.
  6. Alvas Nudisiri – 2019 @Moodbidri, Mangalore,Karnataka.
  7. Nakshatra – The Rising Star – 2018 @ Bengaluru,Karnataka.
  8. Kala Kishore by Kalyana Trust – 2019 @ Bengaluru,Karnataka.
  9. India International Dance Festival (IIDF) – 2019@ Bangalore, Karnataka.
  10. India International Dance Festival (IIDF) – 2018 @ Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
  11. Bangalore Odissi Utsav – 2019@Bengaluru, Karnataka.
  12. Delhi Odissi Utsav – 2019 @ New Delhi.
  13. Odissi International Festival – 2017 @ Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

One of the very beautiful solo performances by Prisha, which was highly appreciated by the distinguished audience:

Dekhago Radha Madhava Chali… Choreographed by Guru Sri.Ratikanta Mohapatra

This abhinaya is based on the Odia song written by 17th century poet, Banamali Das. Sakhi expresses her immense joy at the beautiful sight of Radha and Madhava, as they move along with the famous Chandan Jatra precession.

Prisha’s other expertise:

Ms.Prisha Sinha – A Versatile Soulful Odissi Dancer, A Karate Kid and a Yoga Girl

Among many of her talents, she even has a lot of inclination towards the beautiful Hindustani Classical Music and continuing her music interest with Guru Smt. Shraddha Prabhu from Swara Shraddha music School, Bengaluru.

Prisha will be appearing for the Praveshika Pratham Music Exam in November 2020 affiliated to Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai. Prisha holds a BLACKBELT in the Martial Art form of “KARATE”. She is a state level Goldmedallist and National level Silvermedallist.

She is pursuing her KARATE training since last nine years under the able guidance of Sensei Ramya Natarajan at Beads Academy of Performing Arts, Bengaluru.

She is an Inter School Yoga Champion and participates in various Inter School Yoga Championships thorough out the year. Prisha has won the Best Inter House Yoga Championship Award in her school.

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