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Latest Odisha Political News , Mr Narendra Modi’s Said Today at Baramunda Ground at #Bhubaneswar, #Odisha #NaMo #NaMoinBBSR

Reported by Bidyadhar Nayak :Odisha Welcomes you Mr NAMo Ji , Our state and Nation except much more from you .Every word of your  golden speech will be in the poltical history  book of Odisha for the generations to come and Study . Give a new light about what is not here till date and will be supported by you to install when you become prime minister of india .

Narendra-Modi-Odisha-Visit-Latest Odisha Poltical News ,Modi attacks Naveen, says Third Front’s work is to save Cong #NaMo #Odisha #News #NaMoInBBSR

Mr Narendra Modi said today (11th feb 2014) at Baramunda Ground at Bhubaneswar, Odisha:-

1.ODIA is second language in Gujurat.
2.Most of the people in Surat( Gujurat) are from District of Ganjam.
3. When he (Mr Modi) interacts with the odiya people in Surat, they state that they belong to Odisha CM’s District.
4. He is surprised to see how the people belong to Odisha CM’s district made compel to leave Ganjam District !
5. He is surprised why there is scarcity of drinking water in Ganjam District (CM’s own district)
5. Bay of Bengal would surprise today witnessing another sea of people over here (more than 5 Lakhs)
6. If somebody would come by the Helicopter and watch the sea of people in the great gathering, will think how the Odisha has changed its political side.
7. I am CM of Gujurat since last 14 years and Sri Naveen Patanaik is the CM of Odisha for the same period. CM of Odisha Sri Naveen Patnaik made Odisha so desolate that people from his District left the Odisha and working in Gujurat.
8. 18 year young men of the Odisha State leavie their old parents,native village,District and search for the employment in other states.
9. We have to make Odisha such that all those who have left must come back.
10. Western side states of the country more developed than the eastern side states because BJP is ruling over there.
11. When there is a chance for Congress to defeat, a Third Front take place to support the Congress.
12. It is immaterial who is forming the Govt in the Center in 2014, but it is sure that there will be political purification.

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