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Latest Odisha Poltical news –  Modi terms BJD govt  ‘useless and non-performer’ #Odisha #News #Poltics

Nuapada/Balangir: Launching a scathing attack on the Congress, Narendra Modi on Friday said that the ruling party had betrayed people by failing to keep its promise to check inflation within 100 days before the last Lok Sabha election.

Latest Odisha Poltical news - #Modi terms BJD govt ‘useless and non-performer’ #Odisha #News #Poltics

“Congress has betrayed the people as it had promised to check inflation within 100 days before the last elections, but failed to keep its words,” Modi said at election rallies at Nuapada and Balangir.

The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate also targeted the BJD in Odisha as “useless and a non-performer”, asking voters to dethrone the Congress from power at the Centre and the BJD in the state.

“The Congress is the repository of all evils. When you talk about corruption, price rise and bad governance, the name of Congress automatically comes to mind,” Modi said.

Pointing out that inflation and plight of the people can never be controlled unless and until Congress is thrown out of power, the BJP leader said there was no prospect for the country as long as the Congress was in power.

He said that people in India were in general tolerant, they could forgive if someone committed a mistake, but they would definitely punish somebody who betrayed them.

Modi also mounted a blistering attack on the BJD government, headed by Naveen Patnaik in Odisha, accusing it of being “nikammi” (useless) and non-performing.

Those in power have taken people for granted and they think they will continue to get votes even without doing any work for the common people and their welfare, he said adding the non-performers and betrayers would be punished in the ensuing general election.

Emphasising that the elections this time were being fought by the people and not parties, Modi claimed that even before the polls, the results were out as people made up their mind to change governments at the Centre and in Odisha.

He described himself as a “sevak” (servant) and reminded people that the country at this juncture needed a servant and not administrator.

People should give him an opportunity to serve them by voting for the BJP, he said. PTI