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The Millennium City, #Cuttack – District of #Odisha article by Raj Kumar

Cuttack District of the Indian state of Odisha, like almost all places in India, teems with immense historical wealth and sees a steady onrush of visitors. Cuttack district was formerly Odisha’s capital region and is deeply ingrained with Odisha’s cultural heritage as well as holds various places of importance. It has a history of more than a thousand years and has served as a major trading and commercial centre in Odisha. More importantly, Cuttack is a divine destination with places of religious and spiritual significance. There is also an abundance of natural wealth in Cuttack. Overall, it’s one among India’s very best cities and is worth visiting. Let’s look at the main tourist attractions along with various Institutions in the district of Cuttack which will be beneficial to both tourists as well as people who plan to move here, either as permanent residents or for educational purposes:

Places to Visit:

  • Cuttack Chandi Temple: Cuttack is home to several powerful Hindu temples, out of which the Cuttack Chandi Temple is one of the most prominent. Dedicated to Goddess Chandika, devotees throng here to obtain the grace of the powerful deity. Every year, Kali and Durga poojas are performed that see huge crowds and intense devotion overflowing from devotees.
  • Paradeep Beach: Paradeep is a popular beach in Odisha located 92 kilometres away from Cuttack Railway Station and 125 kilometres away from Bhubaneshwar Airport. Paradeep is a fascinating beach surrounded by green forests and the most beautiful creeks and islands.
  • Dhabaleshwar Island: You need to travel 27 kilometres away from Cuttack to visit the Dhabaleshwar Island. Lord Dhabaleshwar is a form of Lord Shiva and the Island is dedicated to his worship. The Island sits on the River Mahanadi and the Dhabaleshwar temple is worth visiting for its divine ambience and its history dating back to the 10th and 11th
  • Anantashayana Vishnu: Another spiritually significant place in Cuttack, Anantashayana Vishnu is not a temple but a rock carving of Lord Vishnu in his divine restive position. This is an open-air sculpture carved in the 9th This stone carving sits on the bank of the Brahmani river and is the largest of its kind in India.

Bank Branches Details of Cuttack District:

  • SBI Bank: SBI bank branch is located in Cuttack and the Cuttack branch SBI bank IFSC code is SBIN0032660
  • HDFC Bank: HDFC bank located in Bajrakabati Road, cuttack, Orissa-753001 and the HDFC bank IFSC code is HDFC0000236
  • ICICI Bank: ICICI Bank address is Plot No. 1320, Bajrakabati Road, Cuttack 753001 and IFSC code of ICICI bank is ICIC0006342
  • Axis Bank: The axis bank is also located in Aul House, Jayashree Plaza 34, Dolamondai Badambadi Square.

Education and Institutions in Cuttack:

  • Ravenshaw Collegiate School: Among the notable educational institutions in the Cuttack District, the Ravenshaw Collegiate School stands out as Odisha’s oldest school with a privilege of seeing great students including Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Biju Patnaik, and HarekrishnaMahatab among others.
  • Shri Ramachandra Bhanj Medical College: The largest Medical college of Odisha, Shri Ramachandra Bhanj, also known as SCB Medical College houses the Acharya Harihar Regional Cancer Centre which carries out extensive cancer research and treatment. Also within SCB is the Regional Spine Injury Centre which provides rehabilitation to disabled people specially suffering from spinal injuries.
  • National Law University: This Institute is not just well-known for being India’s top-notch law university. It’s also located in a large and attractive campus and provides opportunities to students of law to learn from India’s finest legal experts.

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