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khichingKhiching is a place that is situated in the Mayurbhanj district. It was the capital city of the Bhanja Kings from about the middle of the ninth century AD. to the middle of the twelfth century AD. It lies near the confluence of the rivers Khairibhandana and Kantakhairi. This wonderful land of fascinating beauty and a long tradition of art and architecture, exquisite temples and historical monuments speak volumes of its past glory.

The major tourist attraction of Khiching is the Temple Of Maa Kichakeswari(who killed Kichaka Asura).A monument linked with tales of ‘Mahabharat'(Angyatabasa of Pandavas). This Historical temple is made with the Black Marbles,one kind of strongest stone in the world. A temple of Lord Shiva and a Museum.

The Khiching Museum, one of the oldest museums in the state run by the district culture office.Hundreds of ancient relics of the tenth century, excavated from the area, are lying outside in the open and need immediate preservation. These relics are mostly stone engravings and human figurines which were excavated at Kichakgada and Viratgada near Khiching, the erstwhile capital of the Mayurbhanj kings in the medieval period.
How To Reach Maa Kichakeswari Temple-Khiching

  • Nearest Railway Station: Baripada
  • Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar
  • Its 149 km from Baripada and has direct road connections.
  • Best Time To Visit: Winter and Summer Seasons.