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Eminent academic, legendary odia teacher leader and former state secretary of the CPI Abani Kumar Boral is no more – Odisha
Former Odisha CPI State Secy Prof Abani Boral Dead

Eminent academic, legendary teacher leader and former state secretary of the CPI Abani Kumar Boral
is no more.

He was 79. He is survived by his wife Prof Adarmani Boral, son Abhas Kumar Boral and two daughters -Arati and Ahuti. Prof Boral was ailing for a while.

He was rushed to the Capital Hospital here after he complained of severe pain in his chest. However, he
was declared brought dead on his arrival at the hospital.

Hundreds of his admirers, eminent persons and political leaders cutting across party line paid their
respect to the departed leader at the hospital. Chief minister Naveen Patnaik and Assam Governor JB patnaik have condoled his death.

Ranendra Pratap Swain said “I am shocked to hear about the untimely and sad demise of the Veteran Visionary Leader Comrade Abani Baral. Words fails to express what a vision leader he was and his role for the upliftment of the downtrodden people and specially for the teachers”

1- There are four children to late professor Abani kumar Boral and his wife smt Adaramani boral, 2 sons named as Akash Kumar Boral, Abhash Kumar Boral and 2 daughters named as Ahuti Boral and Arati Boral, rather than 3 as mentioned in your report.
2- As stated in your report that ‘he complained of having a severe pain in his chest when he was rushed to capital hospital’, rather he was not in a state to talk, because he passed out before even reaching to the ambulance.

So, we as grandsons and grand daughters, paying tribute to him want to clarify these 3 points with your report as mentioned, so that no misunderstanding would stand to all the prestigious and eminent, political leaders and admirers. We thank you for your support in paying him the last tribute by publishing your report throughout Odisha.