Koti Shiv linga parvat
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Koti Shiv linga Parbat – An Unexplored Heritage Place in Kutunipadar Mountain #Koraput #Odisha – Article & Photo by Santakar Chelapila

photo by Santakar Chelapila

People think at least twice before digging anywhere on the top of the mountain at Kutunipadar in Laxmipur block of Koraput district . Cores of Shiva Lingas have already been surfaced on the mountain popularly called as “Koti Shiv linga parvat” – a mountain with one crore Shiva Lingas and were been worshipped for over the last 50 years as far as memory goes , said Sunari Kuldip ,

the local priest who took the responsibility of performing the rituals in the open temple from his father who was worshipping along with some more priests from the locality . Now the villagers had said him to do it exclusive for the last 20 years , he added.

How to Got the place :-

From Koraput towards Rayagada .Reach Kakrigumma at 40 km .Move further about 7 Kms on the highway to reach Kusumguda .After crossing the village take a left turn on road for about 4 km to reach Kutunipadar .The temple is at the starting point .Enjoy .Visit other mountains too to find some more Shiva lingas .

This is the temple ….

This is the Cave ( Gunmpha)

While no one knows about the history and mythological background behind emerging Shiva Lingas on the top of the mountain , it must have been found when the mountain was dug by someone sometime immemorial . However its not only Shiv Lingas but there were stone idols and stones with carvings of Bhairav , Jagannath , Vishnu and mother goddess which were found along with them . There was the statue of Ganesha along with heap of stone books which locals presume them to be Veda being written by Ganesha himself , the priest added.

Most interesting part of this part of the mountain was that there were Shiv Lingas of different size ranging from a few inches to 4 ft. high . When out of curiosity people dug out sides of a couple of stone tops that were visible on surface , they too came out as Shiv Lingas . Hence even though there were more such rocks buried under the soil whose top were visible on top , people did not dare to dig them . Following a little soil dropping from the mud wall on the backside of the heap of Shiva Lingas recently , the wall was dug in two portions to find that there were at least two huge sized Shiva Lingas at a distance of a few meters deep from the surface of the wall . While it was difficult to get into the whole , it was having a greater space inside almost to stand Sunari Kuldeep , the priest said .

Further, on the top of the wall there is an idol which was worshipped as mother goddess where people offer swords of different size . However surprisingly there was no practice of animal or bird sacrifice before the goddess even on special festival days . Only offering of coconut and bell were made by devotees . The bells in large numbers could be seen on the entrance of the naturally roofed enclosure .

Study of the age of the stone carvings and the possible era in which all the gods and goddesses were worshipped in one place needs to be carried out so as to give the due importance to the lesser known tourist & spiritual destination , villagers felt .

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