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Know More about Odisha  Like “When did Bhubaneswar become capital city of Odisha ? ” #Odisha #QuizOnOdisha

1. Which among the following was the first establishment of Dutch in current territories of Odisha?

  • [A] Calcutta
  • [B] Chinsura
  • [C] Pippli
  • [D] Balasore

Answer :- C – Pipil ,
Reason :- Pippli was the first place where the Dutch had established themselves in current territories of Odisha. It was soon abandoned for Balasore.

2 .Gahirmatha marine wild sanctuary is home to which of the following endangered species?

  • [A]Dolphins
  • [B]Olive Ridley sea turtles
  • [C]Salt Crocodiles
  • [D]None of the above

Answer :-  B – Olive Ridley sea turtles
Reason :- Gahirmatha marine wildlife sanctuary is the world’s most important nesting beach for Olive Ridley sea turtles.
3 .Hathigumpha inscription at Udayagiri is related to___?
Answer :- B (Kharvela)
Reason :- Hathigumpha inscription at Udayagiri caves is the main source of information about Kalinga ruler Kharavela. This inscription, consisting of seventeen lines has been incised in deep cut Brahmi script.

4 .The ruler of Eastern Ganga dynasty who is known to have built the Konark temple is?
[C]Narasimhadeva I

Answer :- Narasimhadeva I I known to have built the Konark temple.

5. Who among the following founded the Bhoi Dynasty?
[A]Govinda Vidyadhara
[B]Mukunda Deva
[C]Prataparudra Deva
[D]Raghubhanja Chhotray

Answer :- [A]Govinda Vidyadhara
Reason :- The Bhoi dynasty was founded by Govinda Vidyadhara in 1541.

6. The Oriya Poet Sarala Dasa was a contemparory of ___?
[A]Govinda Vidyadhara
[B]Prataparudra Deva
[C]Kapilendra Deva
[D]None of the above

Answer :- [C]Kapilendra Deva
Reason :- Sarala Dasa was a contemparory of Kapilendra Deva. During Kapilendra Deva’s reign he wrote the Oriya Mahabharata and other works.

7. In which year “Odisha Bigyan Academy” was established?

Answer :- [B]1981
More abt it :- The Odisha Bigyan Academy was conceptualized way back in the year 1981, by a group of Senior Scientists of Odisha belonging to different disciplines of science. Through their incessant endeavors, devoted zest & zeal, it came into existence at Cuttack on the auspicious day of “Utkal Dibas” – the 1st Day of April of that year under the patronage of Late Prof. Dr. Keshab Chandra Sahu.

The primary aim & objective of the academy is to promote and popularize scientific knowledge emanating from various frontiers of Science & Technology, among the common public. The Academy promotes scientific literacy, temper and awareness that serve the wider interest of the state.

The Academy was duly registered under ‘Registration of Societies Act’ during 1981-82. In due recognition of its performance and appropriateness, and in order to widen its scope and area of activities, the Govt. of Odisha recognized Odisha Bigyan Academy as an organization suitable for the purpose and accepted the newly adopted Contitution of the Odisha Bigyan Academy, dated 25th November, 1984 vide Resolution No.3577/STE., Dated- 21/03/1985.

8. Sudarshan Pattnaik is a famous personality in which among the following field?
[B]Sand art

Answer :- B – Sand Art

9. When did Bhubaneswar become capital city of Odisha?

Answer :- In 1948, Bhubaneswar replaced Cuttack as the political capital of the state of Odisha.After independence, Bhubaneswar was declared the new Capital replacing Cuttack.

10 . Which of the following place is famous for the historic Salt Satygraha of 1930?

Answer :- [B]Inchudi

More :- Inchudi is a village situated near Balasore town. It is said that after Dandi march, the mass civil disobedience against salt law was most famous in this village.

1. What is the capital of Orissa ?
Answer: Bhuvaneshwar

2. Which is the state animal of Odisha ?
Answer: Elephant, Sambar

3. Which Indian state is known as “Soul of India” ?
Answer: Orissa

4. Which Indian state was known as Kalinga in ancient age ?
Answer: Odisha

5. Which Indian state was known as Utkala in ancient age ?
Answer: Odisha

6. Which Indian state was known as Udra desh in ancient age ?
Answer: Odisha

7. What is the name of classical dance of Orissa ?
Answer: Odissi

8. Which dance is known as Sculpture in Motion ?
Answer: Odissi

9. What is the former capital of Orissa ?
Answer: Cuttack

10. Which is the first state to privatize the production and distribution of electricity in India ?
Answer: Odisha

11. Which Indian state has highest percentage of poverty rate in India ?
Answer: Orissa

12. Which is the first state to eradicate Malaria in India ?
Answer:  Odisha

13. Who is the first chief minister of Orissa ?
Answer: Harekrushna Mahatab

14. Who is the present chief minister of Orissa ?
Answer: Naveen Patnaik