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Odisha Environmental Awareness – Kartik Purnima : Its Time to Celebrate but not to Pollute Our Water Bodies again #Kartik #Purnima #Odisha #India #Hindu Article by Taranisen Pattnaik

Kartik Purnima - Its Time to Celebrate but not to Pollute Our Water Bodies again #Kartik #Purnima #Odisha #India #Hindu

Bhubaneswar is world famous for its heritage temples, but it also has numerous water bodies (temple tanks) among which quite a few have heritage tags like the ones in Old Town. The list includes Bindu Sagar, Kotitirtheswar tank, Papanasini tank, Gouri Kund, Kedar kund, Dudha kund, Devi Padahara tank, Haldi Kund, Kapileswar (Manikarnika) tank,Rama lake, Ganga Jamuna tank, Bhimkund, Sukmeswar & Padagaya tank, Baruneswar tank, Brahmeswar tank, Rameswar tank, Alabukeswar (Nageswar) tank, Godavari tank, Guajhar tank, Mukteswar tank, Marichi tank, Gosagareswar tank, Kukuteswar tank, Chintamaniswar tank & the list continues. Devotees use such ponds in the vicinity of temples for bathing & praying since its believed that it will cure diseases & one will get blessings from God. The presence of such tanks gives a soothing effect to the minds of devotees in search of spirituality.


But once Kartik Purnima arrives, such magnificent water bodies turns into litterboxes, thanks to the culture attached with it. Devotes will throng such water bodies, dump all their puja wastes & along with the small boats made of thermocol or chemical pasted colorful paper-boats into it (no restriction on such boat-making using hazardous material by Govt) .

photo outlookindia
photo outlookindia

There is an urgent need to generate awareness among people not to use stagnant water sources for these festive purposes and use running water in rivers to keep pollution in check. (Alternatively, they can use handmade eco-friendly boats or even boats from banana trunks, use it & take it off from ponds soonafter). And, it will be left to the mercy of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corp (BMC) & a few NGOs to carry out the post cleansing job. Moreover, the tanks are already polluted due to water blockage, stagnancy & non-cleaning, but the pollution level reaches an alarming level during Bhasanis (immersions) & Kartik Purnima. Do we need such celebrations like Kartik Purnima to pollute our water bodies further? If such activities goes on, ‘Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan’ will remain in papers only & not in reality. We need s strong social initiative to keep our city and water bodies clean. Hope, Pollution Board is listening. Let’s join hands & take a initiative this Kartik Purnima. Happy Kartik Purnima, but lets also keep our surrounding happy. (Photo & Article by : Tarani)