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Kartik Purnima ( Boita bandana) – A Tale of Art through Artist’s vision with Saree #BaoitaBandan #KartikaPurnima

Sunanda’s Concept : Kartik Purnima ( Boita bandana)
Pattachitra traditional art form of Odisha
Material : cotton-silk saree

Ancient Odisha popularly known as Kalinga .Boita bandana festival in Odisha is celebrated on the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima to recall the maritime past of the State by floating boats (made of with banana branches) in the river , ponds and sea and take a holy deep .

In ancient time , Odia merchants called Sadhavas used Boita (Ship)to travel to distant lands such as Bali, Java, Sumatra, Shrilanka Malaysia, China, Burma, Thailand for trade and cultural expansion.They use to start their journey on the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima.

Content and pic courtesy :Sunanda Pattanaik Janah

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