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Visiting places of Kendrapada , Odisha – Palace of Odisha :Palace of Odisha :Kanika Palace which has the largest crocodile skull in the world ,Kendrapara #Odisha #Tourist Place

         Kendrapra District has got many names from its origin time. The District was nemed as Tulasi, Kshetra, Gupta Kshetra, Brahma Kshetra and Kendrapalli in the pages of the mythological texts and purans. The District owes its name from the death of one mythical demon named “Kandarasura” who was killed by Lord Baladev, the elder brother of Lord Jagannath. The presiding deity, Lord Baladev Jew is being worshipped in picturesque temple at Kendrapara.

                        History says that once upon a time Kendrapara was the trade hub of the ancient Kalinga. It is the first municipality of Odisha during the British Raj.

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Kanika Palace is a massive palace constructed by the King of Kanika, Rajendra Narayan Bhanja Deo.Many traditional and royal antiques are still a part of the grand Kanika Palace, which is a silent proof of the glorious history of this region’s golden past.The palace was also built with the intention to provide employment to many people.

The palace is divided into three sections; the main palace, the ladies’ enclosure and the summer retreat. The drawing room hosts a stencil painting about 100 years old and hallmark of the breathtaking beauty of the palace known for its oriental furniture and an elegant wooden staircase. The walls are adorned with stained Belgium glasses.

              History behind Kanika Palace :- Monuments like Kanika Palace which is the silent proof of the glorious history of Kendrapara. Narayan Bhanjadeo laid the foundation stone of this palace on 9th June 1909. The palace was completed within the time period of ten years. This palace still has some antiques in it.

As Per Wiki:

                  Kanika Palace is one of the most popular tourist places in Kendrapara District. It is situated in Rajkanika block and around 50 km from Kendrapara.The Kanika museum inside the palace has the largest crocodile skull in the world. It also showcases hunting trophies and other rare artifact. Set up in the 1960s by the royal family, it has hundreds of antique pieces comprising wildlife trophies, mirrors painting rare photographs and art pieces on display.

District Headquarter :     Kendrapara

State Capital :     Bhubaneswar

Nearest Railway Station :     Kendrapara

Nearest Airport :     Bhubaneswar

How to Reach :

  • By taking the bus from kendrapara to Rajkanika.


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