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How Kalinga Balijaatra Mahotsava Started in Paradeep:  #Paradeep #Kalinga #BaliJatra #Odisha #OdiaMela #KalingaBaliyatra : Odisha History on Balijatra :- Article by Ashish Panda 

How Balijaatra Mahotsava Started in Paradeep:  #Paradeep #Kalinga #BaliJatra #Odisha #OdiaMela #KalingaBaliyatra  It is evident from the fact that Paradeep maintains a rich traditional back ground of trades and enhanced status of major port of the country in mid nineties the legendary Odisha’s former chief minister late BijuPatnaik was started Kalinga Bali Yatra at Paradeep in the year 1992.

To revive and refresh the memories of Kalinga’s maritime glory,a boat expedition was organized on the Kartika Purnima of 1992. History was recreated when a seven member crew on board a 13 meter long yatch sailed for Bali from Paradeep port of Orissa retracing the ancient trade route.Theyatch INS SAMUDRA covered a distance of 5810 nautical miles in just over 17 weeks.

Since then the celebration is under progress recalling the glorious maritime tradition traditions of the area, moreover both the Kalinga Bali Yatra have received official affiliation and being organized by district council of culture in collaboration with local cultural fondly people and organizers.

Ancient history :How Kalinga Balijaatra Mahotsava Started :- 

In ancient times,sea traders from Odisha known as “sadhabas” would begin their sea voyages on the full moon day of the Kartika month of the Hindu calendar, to the Indonesian island of Bali.

Those days are now gone,but people float tiny boats and celebrate the festival of “Boita Bandana” every year in memory of that past glory.Balijatra festival is also associated with legend ‘Taapoi’ and rituals like‘BhalukuniOsha’ and ‘BadaOsha’ and ‘Akasadipa’ festival which all indicates Odisha’s glorious maritime heritage.

Similarly,according to a belief,the last five days of the month of Kartika,calledPanchaka,are considered sacred.The last day,namedKartikaPurnima,is considered the most sacred.

It is believed that those who take a dip in the sea,in rivers of ponds on that day and visit the temple early in the morning get absolution from their sins.

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