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Mr Takao Koyama(born April 1948 in Tokyo, Japan). He has written more than 80 animes & 800 stories. Such “Dragon Ball Z” and “Dr. Slump Arale-chan” and “Saint Seiya” and “Perman” etc. (Please watch “Perman” on HUNGAMA TV Episode14 06:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 17 Nov. )
He discussed with Mr Kunna Dash, International Tourism Ambassador of Kyoto City, Japan, he said.
Japan is very famous for animation. People all over the world like Japanese animation. It is also popular in India because Japan animation is something different; it speaks something deep within them, and draws them into a brand new world to explore. We want something different from our everyday life that gives us a view that had never before, why does Japan have such a strong cartoon anime culture? And Japanese people love things associated with cartoons, animation, etc. Anything that involves lots of imagination and creativity. Think of things like Mario, Pokemon, Nintendo video games, etc. It’s all born in Japan. The fascination and culture around Anime is mostly a result of Manga books.


That’s where many Anime’s were either started from, or inspired by. And video games like Pokemon helped it reach more people globally because it ended up selling so well, that they turned it into an Anime show. While helping them connect with the familiar in a unique way & try to imitate it for its fun, fantasy & mystery. Mostly it is applauded by children & youth for its subtle intricacies and accessible messages. Mr Dash made him aware of his popularity in India and asked him how to make it still more popular in India by involving young Indians in animation project.

Mr Dash proposed him how young Indian animators could be given exposure to Japanese art of animation by organizing work-shops and training centers by Japanese experts. He also said about Mr Himansu Dash, Scratch Disks Media Director of Odisha who is quite good in animation now his production is working for odishas first 2d animation TV series last 4 years. Mr Dash also hinted him about the palm-leaf art work by the people of Raghurajpur in coastal Odisha, Puri and the numerous stone cravings in the walls of Odishan temples & shrines stand testimony to the artistic excellence and those have a wider scope to give a new exposure to animation. Mr Dash said to Mr Takao Koyama about the purpose of Kokorozashi Art Project is to make people conscious & train up the young minds to do something good and relevant for the society & for the country we live in.

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Mr Takao Koyama said he was so impressed with this Kokorozashi Art Project that he conveyed his desire to depict a manga story book of the Kokorozashi Art Project to make young minds grasp its message still clear. Dash said him about Kokorozashi messages for world peace collected & organized in India by 250 students of Chandra Sekhar Academy on 20 pieces of clothes measuring 1 sq metre each has been handed over to the president of Kokorozashi Art Project Mr Hikaru Deguchi in Japan. International Tourism Ambassador of Kyoto City, Japan Mr Kunna Dash handed it over to him. Kokorozashi (feeling of the heart) messages are depictions to make the world still a better place to live in.

These Kokorozashi clothes are on the process of collection from 200 countries & 1500 cities of Japan. Many countries have already sent it and many more are still there to be received. After final collection they shall be sewn together to be displayed in Tokyo Olympic 2020 conveying the biggest ever message made by mankind. The purpose is to make people conscious & train up the young minds to do something good and relevant for the society.


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