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[box_info]”Jalpari ” directed by Nilamadhab Panda – Gives Good News to Society & going to OSCAR![/box_info]

 Jalpari: The Desert Mermaid is an 2012 Indian film directed by Nila Madhab Panda. Like I Am Kalamit is also a children’s cinema where Lehar Khan, Krishang Trivedi and Harsh Mayar (who won the National Film Awards for the best child artist in 2011) are on lead as child artists and Parvin Dabas, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Rahul Singh, Suhasini Mulay and V.M. Badola are on supporting roles.   The movie centered on the issue of female foeticide is an adventure film, which is screened at Marche du Cannes film festival. The movie has been nominated at the prestigious Asia Pacific Screen Awards(APSA).The sixth APSA ceremony will be organised at Queensland, Australia on November 23, 2012.

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An inspirable film director  Nilamadhab Panda has introduced a film “jalpari”. Nila madhab panda is known for national and international awards. His feature film “I am kalam” achieved several awards. . His upcoming film “Jalpari” which has already released on august 31.   Nila Madhab Panda (born 18 October 1973) is a film maker and director from Subarnapur district of Odisha,  Nila Madhab Panda’s I Am Kalam has won many national and international awards. Nila Madhab Panda, who hails from Dasharaj Pur, Sonepur of Orissa. His mother name was Maya Panda and father name was Aditya Prasad Panda. He has three sisters and one brother. His primary education was in the village school which didn’t have proper building and for upper primary he had to walk 8 km daily. He studied at the Ulunda High School which is 9 km away from his home. His father had said “Despite of improper education Panda managed to achieve what others could only dream of”. He also studied Entrepreneurship at IIM Bangalore

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A well-heeled family from tony neighborhood of New Delhi travels from the city through dusty roads that lead into the village in Haryana, far out and buried in the debris of the past. Shreya, the tomboy of the family, finally arrives at her father’s village for the first time during her vacations, that too after coaxing her father, Dev, to the best of her abilities. She and her brother, Sam, had, in their imagination, spun the village right out of a fairytale, replete with streams, lakes and grasslands that will allow them to run free. But all they find are dusty alleys, dried up ponds and hostile playmates until they spin their magic and befriend this unknown place, especially some of its people, like the Pehelwan and the gang of kids led by Ajithe. The story revolves around Shreya and Sam’s adventures and misadventures which turn this dull place bereft of water into a land of enchantment, mischief and a million exciting exploits. But unknown places have many secrets, and here too, secret lurk at every corner. Strangely-behaving villagers, a witch whom everyone seems to be terrified of, and a no-access zone beyond the hills intrigue Shreya, more so after housemaid Shabri tells her various mysterious stories about the village. Then, one night, Shreya sees Shabri and her husband Trilochan slink away, and starts following them, only to find out a horrifying secret the village harbors. It is leaving a message to those people who is familiar to female foeticide. We know what is female foeticide?? [quote] The main theme of the movie is not to kill female childs and it’s giving one social awareness for the same as now a days people are destroying so many female child .[/quote]

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