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 Jajabara (1975) Colour:
JAJABARA(Nomad), Jajabara is a 1975 Oriya/Odia language Indian movie. The music was composed by Akshya Mohanty. It was produced by Mr. Bijay Pattnaik, directed by Akshaya Mohanty, Hemanta Das and Bijay Mishra (Trimurty). It stars Sriram Panda, Banaja Mohanty, Tripura Mishra, Dukhiram, Jayee, Shyamalendu, and Master Mania.

Synopsis :-

The story was based on nomad lifestyle. The nomad turned onto human being falls in love, fight for love and wins love fighting with many ifs and buts. The electrifying love story, with intense comedy, wonderful music has made “Jajabara” a success to remember era together. Never would have been possible without the effort of 21 technocrats, 736 days of time to film. Tilak Ray, the Director of Digital Painting along with his associated roto-artists make it. It contains 2,19,000 frames.