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[box_info]Jagannath Mahaprasad will be available online over website jagannath.nic.in – Odisha[/box_info]

jagannath mahaprasad eodisha.orgSoon, Jagannath devotees can have the mahaprasad delivered to their doorsteps just at the click of the mouse. It is at the planning stages at the moment and will require the approval of various servitor groups and the temple managing committee. Devotees would need to place the order and make online payment on the temple’s official website (jagannath.nic.in) to get the facility.

The mahaprasad will be transported in specialised vans and in the initial stage, delivered at the temple information centre at Jaydev Bhavan (Bhubaneswar) from where the devotees have to collect their share.

Arvind Padhee, temple chief administrator said mahaprasad available at various places in Puri costs anywhere between Rs 60 and Rs 500, depending on the quality and quantity.

It is, however, unlikely that the service will be extended to other parts of the state. “We want to do it on a small scale to avoid any mismanagement,” the temple chief administrator said.“The plan sounds good to me. However, the administration has to ensure that devotees get unadulterated mahaprasad from the temple kitchen itself and not from local vendors. Helpline numbers be introduced as well so that people could make direct queries and give feedback about the quality of the mahaprasad that would be delivered to them,” said the 72-year-old daitapati popularly known as Jaguni Bhai.