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Show Restraint! Your skin required a significant period to fall apart,Give it some ideal opportunity to mirror a more settled inward state . The genuine Losers in Life, are not the individuals who Try and Fail, but the individuals who Fail to Try.

When our enthusiastic/emotional well being is in a terrible state, so is our degree of confidence. We need to back off and manage what is alarming us, so we can appreciate the straightforward delight of being glad and content with ourselves.one’s temperament and emotional wellness influence each part of his life, from how he feels about himself to his associations with others and his physical well being.

There’s a solid connection between sound psychological well-being and a great physical well being, and vice verse. People who have great emotional health are aware of their contemplation, thoughts, emotions, and behavior. They have learned healthy ways to cope with the pressure and issues that are a typical piece of life. They feel good about themselves and share a healthy relationships. However, numerous things that occur in your life can upset your emotional health which can lead to solid sentiments of pity, stress, or anxiety. Even good or wanted changes can be as stressful as undesirable changes.One’s body reacts to the manner in which he thinks, feels, and acts. This is one kind of “mind-body association.” When you
are stressed, anxious, or upset, your body responds in a way that may reveal to you that something isn’t right. That doesn’t mean it is the end.

its OK to feel not quite OK…

It’s okay to worried about the future, its okay to want to be separated from everyone else, its okay to feel uninspired, unfiltered, angry, weirded out, uncomfortable, fatigue, hopeless , helpless, demoralized, rejected,incompetent ,terrible and negative yet just understand its not the end.
Achievement and disappointment is the part of life, don’t pull it into your life and propel yourself toward death by doing self mischief and endeavoring self-destruction.

Self-harm is not the solution
don’t loose hope!
Remember when the sun goes down, the stars come out!

Gayatri Nayak, a masters scholar of public health at KIIT University. Physio by profession, athlete by passion and a deep thinker by action who enjoys in expressing feeling through words in paper.

Harapriya Jena, basically from Jagatsinghpur. Physiotherapist cum public health Professional. A great admirer of food & dancer.

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