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Interview Tips For IBPS PO-III ; #BankJobs #InterviewTips #Bank

The interview is not easy.So proper planning and preparation from your part is required.Candidates should take care of each small points as each and every thing adds up.A single mistake from your side may cost you job in government bank.

During the Interview candidates are suggested to bring all the relevant documents as ID, mark sheets, age proof, Caste Certificate etc. IBPS PO Interview Marks and Result Analysis details can be obtained from the official site.IBPS PO interview duration is of 15 min.It can be less than 15 min but not more than 15 min.

Banks call candidates in ratio of 1:4 or 1:5 (where 1 is number of the post and 5 or 4 is number of the people called).So instead of selection rejection process is adopted.Proper planning for IBPS PO interview is required.I am listing below points to help candidates in this regar.

IBPS PO interview questions can be grouped into below groups

  • Profile based HR questions — Questions based on your profile.
  • Personality Test questions — These questions are asked to judge your personality.These can be really confusing.It is one of the most difficult questions.
  • Banking Questions — You can expect banking questions asked in IBPS PO interview.They expect you to have basic knowledge of Banking industry.You should also have updated banking industry news.
  • Current Affairs — Some panels do ask questions based on latest news headlines.If there is some big news in Finance area then chances of questions from that section becomes more
  • General Questions — You can expect one or two filler questions in Interview.They are not of great importance.Interviewers ask them to know more about you.
  • Bank specific questions — You should be aware of latest news or history of bank you are going interview for.For example you are appearing for UBI bank then read some history and current news about UBI bank.You can get the details from Bank website or from wikipedia.

We are presenting you Question answers that will surely help you to be prepared for the IBPS PO Interview.

1: Tell about yourself..!!!
2: Why Do You Want to Join in Banking sector?
3: What is RBI and who is the Governor of RBI?
4: Describe the Mutual Funds..!!!
5: What does it mean by Bank Rate?
6: The full form ATM machine and who invented it?
7: Do you know about the establishment of the first Bank in India.
8: Differentiate Current Account and Saving Account..!!!
9: What is the meaning of I-Banking?
10: What id Budget?