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 eOdisha News  :- International sand artist Mr. Manas Kumar Sahoo has created a sand sculpture on the eve of mood-off day. Through his art he has created an awareness campaign for against huge amount of use of smartphones. On Sunday 24th February 20 different nation of the world are observing Mood-off day to emphasis the adverse effect of mass use of smartphones. continuous use of smart phone for hours together is the cause of different diseases affecting badly upon the health. To create awareness against profuse use of smart phones, browser, email, SMS etc. The slogan of Mood-off day has been raised the general appeal to the public is to stop use of mobile phones and browser for at least five hours and from 5A.M in the morning up to 10A.M. This stoppage of use of phones for 5 hours is to make people aware and realize to be careful is using smartphones. It is a general fact that  probably most of the people using smartphones  know about the danger involve to their health by regular continuous use of smartphones but that knowledge loses weight. When thy actually required but their using the phones has a matter of habit and not out of necessity.