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International Sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo on global warming attracts tourists in Puri beach – Odisha

                   Manas Sahoo Team : On the occasion of 18th International Beach Festival in the city of  Puri (Odisha), international sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo is here again to show the magic of his hand making a sand sculpture park which  is a part of this festival. Puri is a famous tourist spot in this festive season. This is chance to give these visitors a noble message.  And what more can be than to create awareness on global warming. Our  world is getting hotter and hotter.
                This is an alarming situation. Manas Kumar Sahoo and his co-artists have made three sculptures based  on global warming in the park to create awareness. “Concrete Jungle”,  “Sweltering Snow Queen”, “Nature stripped” are the three themes of the respective sculptures aiming global warming. Many tourists and visitors have already visited these attractive arts of international standards, standing in vertical position, which ranges from 12- 15 ft height and appreciated it.