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Inspiration - A Short film by  Prabal Mallick
Inspiration – A Short film by Prabal Mallick

Inspirations have always been ordinary. Be it the simple phenomena of fruit falling from a tree that inspired the laws of gravitation or in another splash in the bath tub that led to now famous Archimedes principle. The short film “Inspiration” is again inspired by the desire of showcasing the innate beauty of a remote village of Odisha through the prism of photography and outdoor painting and sketching. The village in context is Gokhapada-Dasamauji in Kendrapada district which is encircled by perennial water body where the silence is broken only by the winds blowing from the river font. This short film captures the rural landscape, rural lives and rural people through the lens of a photographer and through the canvas of two artists painting en plein air. But it is not just about that. It is also a commentary on how these artists perceive this remote and untouched world beyond the visuals.

Rural Photo Art trail at Gokhapada—Dasamauji.

The program was titled as “Rural Photo Art trail at Gokhapada—Dasamauji. The film is made by Prabal Mallick an artist honored with State Award by Government of Odisha in 2018. Prabal Mallick is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur. He has also authored ‘Organic Urban Farming, the Indian Way’. The other team members in the program were Sidhartha De, an Indian Air Force veteran turned professional photographer, Kedar Naik who is a lecturer at Kalayatan College of Art in Sundargarh and an avid sketcher and Bikash Choudhury, a freelance writer and the curator of the program. He is also the author of a book titled as “Ideas of Hope”, which is a socio political commentary on contemporary India.

The beauty of the movie was in its creation without any story board and made largely out of random video footage taken by Prabal Mallick, Sidhartha De and Kedar Naik in their mobile phone camera. While they engaged in their primary job of photography and sketching, random footage were also taken by them which captured their interest. After a thorough review of the footage a narrative started to emerge out and then the footage were stitched together. “This organic process of making the film retains innocence and filters out and agendas and biases to a great extent”, says Prabal Mallick.

The movie has captured the essence of the work of the artists in the villages and engagement with the villagers of Gokhapada, Badakul and Ashram Balikuda part of Dasamauji Island in Mahakalapada Block. Movie also contains the nuggets of a workshop with school children to ignite creativity through the lenses of photography and art. Though the makers of the film do not have any expectation in relation to the film, however they hope that it will inspire people especially the creative ones to return to rural areas of Odisha to highlight the pristine beauty of our countryside to the world at large and may be our rural beauty would entice domestic and foreign tourist in future. “That was our Inspiration”, says Bikash Chaudhury as he signs off.


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