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Important SBI PO Important Questions With Answer Part 42 #SBI #Banking

Rabi Crop:The term Rabi means “spring” in Arabic, and the rabi crops are grown between the months mid November to April.

Sowing season: October – December

Harvesting season: February – April Important Crops: Wheat, Barley, Gram, Linseed, Mustard, Masoor, Pea and Potatos

Kharif crop refers to the planting, cultivation and harvesting of any domesticated plant sown in the rainy (monsoon) season and it starts in June and to end in October

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Sowing season: May – July Harvesting season: September to October Important Crops: Jower, Bajra, Rice, Maize, Cotton, Groundnut, Jute, Hemp, Sugarcane, Tobacco etc

Zaid crops On the Indian sub-continent, the crops grown on irrigated lands which do not have to wait for monsoons, in the short duration between Rabi and Kharif crop season, mainly from March to June, are called Zaid crops (also written as Zayad crops). The main produce are seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Sowing season: August – September Harvesting season: December – January Important Crops: Rice, Jowar, Rapeseed, Cotton, Oilseeds

Zaid rabi crops:Zaid Rabi crops are sown in Februry – March


Harvesting is in April – may Important Crops: Water melon, Toris, Cucumber, leafy and Other vegetables