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Reported by Abhijeet Acharya :-  In a bid to averruncate female feticide and enhance the alarming child sex ratio, enceinte women will have to produce identity proof mandatorily  in order to undergo ULTRA-SONOGRAPHY (also known as Ultra Sound or Sonography or Echography).

Albeit the district collector, Krishan Kumar who also happens to be the chairman of the task force on PRE-NATAL DIAGNOSTIC TECHNIQUE ACT has issued a communiqué by labializing “EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE IN TERMS OF NON-SOLICITATION OF IDENTITY PROOF OF GRAVID WOMEN ESPECIALLY WHEN HER LIFE IS IN JEOPARDY”. Rampant female feticide has become the raison d’etre of the plummeting child sex ratio of the Ganjam District.

According to statistics, the child sex ratio of Ganjam in the year of 1991,2001 & 2011 happen to be 952,939 and 899 repsectively. Ganjam has recently earned the notoriety of becoming the fourth district in Odisha after Nayagarh(851),Anugul(884) & Dhenkanal(870) where the child sex ratio stood on the right side of 900.