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IceArt of Lord Jagannath made in #Siberia #Jagannath #Odisha
Russian devotees of Lord Jagannath are known for their sincere devotion which is now evident in Siberia. This time they have come up with a heart touching expression of love for their revered deity. Followers in Russia have carved a huge idol of the trio of Puri Jagannath temple – Lord Jagannath, Subhadra and Balabhadra made completely out of ice and worshipped on a Siberian hill covered with ice at a temperature of -23 degrees centigrade.

Many devotees have gathered to have a glimpse of the idols and worship the deities.

Devotees are seen singing hymns and dancing with joy.

The deities have been carved and painted with the apt colours and symbols by the devotees.

src – Pragatibadi

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