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IBPS Specialist officer interview questions  and answers #Specialistofficer #Studymaterials #Bank #Interview 

Institute of banking personnel selection IBPS department conducts IBPS Bank Exam in two steps common written exam (CWE) and Interview. Ratio of Interview and CWE is 20:80. Participants who are successfully cleared in IBPS exam they are called for interview. here I provide you IBPS bank Interview questions with answers and bank interview tips & paper pattern and IBPS Latest interview questions.

Q1. Introduce yourself?
Q2. Introduce yourself in one minute?
Q3. Define yourself in one word?
Q4. Define yourself in one line?
Q5. Describe yourself?
Q6. Meaning of your name, who named you and why?
Q7. Any namesake?
Q8. What is your father’s name & his job profile?
Q9. Your family background?
Q10. Where you come from?
Q11. Tell me/us about your native place/city/state?
Q12. For what it is famous?
Q13. What are your hobbies and interests?

Q14. What is the use of your hobbies in this organisation?
Q15. If you will not get success this time then what will you do ?
Q16. Your Educational background ?
Q17. Your previous acheivements?
Q18. Any extra curricular activity?
Q19. Why do you want to join Banking sector?
Q20. What qualities one should posses to be a Bank officer? Do you think you have these qualities?
Q21. Tell me about this organisation ?
Q22. Who is the founder of this bank?
Q23. When was this bank nationalized ?
Q24. Current financial position of this bank?
Q25. Who is your ideal or a person who inspired you most?
Q26. How is your subject helpful in banking sector?
Q27. Why there is a Gap in your studies?
Q28. Your strong and weak points?
Q.29. As a student of Science/Art/Commerce, why did’nt you go for higher studies?
Q30. Newspapers and magazine which you prefer to read? Name the Editor of Newspaper?
Q31. Why we should select you?
Q32. Why do you want to be an Officer?
Q33. Are you married ?
Q34. If you marry after competing this examination may I hope you will be mopping up huge money as dowry?
Q35. Any girl friend? If not then why?
Q36. What is your idea of life?
Q37. What is the importance of hobby in our life?
Q38. What about those who have no hobbies? Are they not creative?
Q39. As you are from Hindi medium, but we are sorry to say that we have vacancies in South only and as you said you like to talk in Hindi. If we appoint you, how will you adjust yourself in South, where only a few people know Hindi?
Q40. I don’t know Hindi, I know English and especially south based languages, as I am from south, whenever talk to me, please speak in English.
Q41. Which officer gave you the certificate for, being a caste certificate/character certificate?
Q42. Why could you not get success yet?
Q43. Have you been cleared any exam before it?
Q44. If you don’t get final selection in this examination too what would you do?
Q45. How many members are in your family?
Q46. What does your mother do or whether she is a house wife or in job?
Q47. Where did you spend your childhood?
Q48. Why don’t you join your family business?
Q49. Your ideal person, leader, party and why?
Q50. Does anybody serve in the banking industry from your family? if yes then who they are and in which bank they are serving?