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#HumbleRice – Starch draining rice Story – A #StartUp by an #Odia , Helps to cook traditionally like mom in home

HumbleRice™ CookerI remember my mom, visiting us in the year, 2014. It was then that the 60 year old lady used an electric rice cooker for the very first time in her life. Needless to say, she seemed to like how conveniently rice could be cooked in it. Seeing her admiration for the simple daily use appliance, I offered, if I could buy one for her back in our native. To my surprise, her answer was a quick and resounding “NO”. She preferred her traditional method of cooking rice in plenty of water in an open vessel and draining the extra starch out after rice is cooked. “I don’t like the extra starch that remains when you cook in these electric rice cookers. Your dad is pre-diabetic and must avoid any excess sugar consumption,” said she. One might, think what’s the big deal about the way rice is cooked, right?

Well, may be, not so right. I have grown up seeing my mom cook rice in the age old Indian traditional method. I don’t know for how long this traditional method has been followed in many parts of India. Such a tedious, time consuming and sometimes risky process, because of handling the draining of hot starch liquid!!

Published research claims, excess carb (sugar/starch etc) consumption as primary reason for T2 diabetes. Millions of people are now adopting a low carb lifestyle to avoid obesity and diabetes. You can find such people on many forums worldwide including http://www.forums.dlife.in in India, diabetes.co.uk in UK etc. It’s a no brainer, when we drain the excess starch water after rice is cooked we reduce our starch consumption without lowering the potion size.

Another research from Belfast University claims, rice contains traces of arsenic (cancer causing) due to use of pesticides while growing. Cooking in this Indian traditional method reduces the arsenic content by about 50%.
Alas!! Only if the traditional method was as easy to follow or we had as much time in hand as our previous generation. Many of us would have definitely liked to continue the method our past generations followed. The rice cookers available in market or the pressure cookers are not suitable to follow this traditional method of cooking. Standard, rice cookers are 40’s technology, famously invented by Japanese for their own method of cooking. They eat rice with chopsticks; hence need it to be sticky and excess starch helps to keep it so. But i have no special liking for sticky rice!! My father is a pre-diabetic and would like to avoid any excess sugar, and mom is growing old to continue with the rigor of this method of cooking. I am in late 30’s and have a bulging belly to vouch for it 😉 So this motivated us to invent a rice cooker which cooks in the Indian traditional method.

Unique, Indian traditional, fully automatic starch draining rice cooker. Lowers sugar consumption, reduce tendency for obesity, diabetes & other chronic diseases.

We have finished the design, electronics & prototype for it and have a patent pending. Manufacturing being an expensive pursuit for our limited resource, we are looking for support in form of early adopters and backer. We are currently taking the mail registration on our site, plan to open pre-booking in July and deliver before December’17.
Our site and face book page provide much more detailed info. Encourage you to visit us, https://eathumblerice.com or https://www.facebook.com/HumbleRice/ support us, by helping to spread the word among your well wishers.

More about the founders : Raja Panda is  from Puri,Odisha , trained as software engineer, having 15 years of software industry experience.  Sweta Mishra , My Wife is from Bhubaneswar and we both have moonlighted on the project for last 2 years, engaging small external engineering firms and freelancers to reach at current stage. Manufacturing is being handled by a design & engineering firm based out of Bangalore. We continue to moonlight on the project for now and plan to devote more time to this in future. If you like the work we have done till now, please support us. We will do our best and not let you down.

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