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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. These are unprecedented times and the way one of our volunteers has responded, is truly phenomenal. Sunil Kumar Mahakud is a Cancer Fighter, and is currently continuing his chemotherapy in AIIMS, BBSR. On 15th April 2020, one of his family members (Janmejaya) was in desperate need of a single unit of A+ve blood, so that the doctors could initiate the chemo process for Sunil.

Janmejaya and Sunil have a temporary accommodation near the hospital area. They got information from someone, that a Shelter Home (managed by Team Umeedein, a Registered non-profit organization) is functional in the same place. Janmejaya got in touch with Santanu, the Umeedein Patient Navigator at the Seva Home, and briefed him about the situation and the help required.

Humanity Above All - Inspiring words of a True Seva Volunteer
Humanity Above All – Inspiring words of a True Seva Volunteer

Santanu got the details verified and connected with the AIIMS Blood Bank and helped Janmejaya to obtain the blood bank requisition slip picture, which is a crucial document to progress further, in such cases. He then reached out to various Umeedein volunteers with a request to donate blood voluntarily for Sunil’s treatment to get started.

Since the entire country is in a lockdown, hence getting in touch with voluntary blood donors and arranging conveyance for them becomes a tough ask for every patient attendant. The situation wasn’t any different for Sunil, Janmejaya & Santanu. With a great co-ordination amongst volunteers from sister concern groups, Mr. Sarat emerged as the saviour and decided to donate blood on his free will.

He took permission from the administrative authorities and was able to donate blood successfully and returned to his residence safely. Santanu, with his utmost calm nature and polite and professional behaviour, ensured that Sunil was able to get timely help and also that Mr. Sarat had a hassle-free experience. We salute the spirit of Santanu, whose actions have restored faith in humanity.

We would also like to request you to donate blood voluntarily (if you are eligible and healthy), as it saves many precious lives. During the current situation, you need to take all the safety precautions as advised by the Govt officials and then proceed for voluntary blood donation.

It is due to real-life heros like Santanu, we believe that “Volunteering is not a lost cause”.

Stay safe and healthy!

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