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#Historical visiting places of  #Kendrapada , Odisha : False Point Port , #Kendrapada: The first modern port and trade hub of the ancient #Kalinga, #Odisha

               Kendrapra District has got many names from its origin time. The District was nemed as Tulasi, Kshetra, Gupta Kshetra, Brahma Kshetra and Kendrapalli in the pages of the mythological texts and purans. The District owes its name from the death of one mythical demon named “Kandarasura” who was killed by Lord Baladev, the elder brother of Lord Jagannath. The presiding deity, Lord Baladev Jew is being worshipped in picturesque temple at Kendrapara.

History says that once upon a time Kendrapara was the trade hub of the ancient Kalinga. It is the first municipality of Odisha during the British Raj.

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Details of  Hukitola False Point Port :-

                 False Point is a low headland in the Bay of Bengal. It is located in the Kendrapara district of Orissa , This is present in the front of Batighar, It was the first modern port of Odisha coastline. At the mouth of river Mahanadi & Jamboo,  The point derives its name from the circumstance that vessels proceeding up the Bay of Bengal frequently mistook it for Point Palmyras, less than a degree farther north. A lighthouse is situated 2 km inland from the point, at a place which screens it from the southern monsoon .

              False Point Port  was commissioned in the year 1855 and was in working condition till 22nd October 1924.  A devastating storm on 22nd September 1885 completely destroyed this port. There was a submerged ship in the nearby sea, which is the reminiscent of the past glory.

History  of  Hukitola False Point Port :-


A channel on way to False Point
A channel on way to False Point

False Point is also the name of a harbor in the area. It was reported by the famine commissioners in 1867 to be the best harbour on the coast of India from the Hugh to Bombay. The anchorage is safe, roomy and completely landlocked, but large vessels are obliged to lie out at some distance from its mouth in an exposed roadstead.

The capabilities of False Point as an anchorage remained long unknown, and it was only in 1860 that the port was opened. It was rapidly developed, owing to the construction of the Orissa canals. Two navigable channels lead inland across the Mahanadi delta and connect the port with Cuttack city.

The trade of False Point was chiefly with other Indian harbors, but a large export trade in rice and oil-seeds sprung up with Mauritius, the French colonies and France so Kendrapara was the trade hub of the ancient Kalinga.

False Point was also a regular port of call for Anglo-Indian coasting steamers. Its capabilities were first appreciated during the Odisha famine of 1866, when it afforded almost the only means by which supplies of rice could be thrown into the province. (as per wiki).

How to Reach False Point Port :

  • By Road / Bus :-One can reach at False Point Port via Jambu. You can take taxi from elsewhere to reach at Jambu. It is 40 Km away from Kendrapara town. Then by boat you can reach at the historic place, False Point Port.
  • By Train :- Nearest Railway Station  is Cuttack.
  • By Air : Nearest  Airport is Biju Patnaik International  Airport.

What is the Best time to visit :-

  • All seasons of Year .
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