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“The Homing” – An Art exhibition by an IITian from Today  to 15th Feb at Regional Lalit Kala Akademi, #Bhubaneswar #Odisha 

“Watercolour is a lifetime pursuit… mostly uphill” – Robert Wade

Watercolor is the only medium with a free will of its own. The unpredictability and uncontrollability of watercolour makes it one of the most dynamic, expressive and hence personal mediums. Sometimes the painter takes the painting forward, while other times the medium itself takes it forward. Just like life every great watercolor work is a fine balance between destiny and desire. Watercolor is about simplicity and letting go. It is spiritual medium that shows you the path to surrender.

The homing is a show about the homecoming of an artist, both physically and metaphorically. Prabal Mallick’s works have been exhibited earlier in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai including the prestigious Jehangir Art gallery and even in Spain. But this is the first time his works are being shown at home. But that’s not the only reason he has chosen to call this show as ‘The Homing’. This show is also about Prabal’s homecoming to watercolours. It is an exclusive watercolour show inspired by travel, life, light and philosophy.

Travel inspired art. Hence Prabal has travelled to various places in India capturing the life and light there. This show features his works from places like Kerala, Mysore, Vrindavan, Goa and Toronto. At the same time it also features life captured in remote villages of Odisha and also close to home in Bhubaneswar. Being an avid reader and observer of life around him many of his works also have an existential theme. For example one work titled ‘Yearning’ is actually two portraits, one of an old man and another of a young child framed together looking away from each other. In a very simple and effective manner it shows the ill effects of migration through the emotion of the characters in the painting.

The show features approximately 60 selected paintings in water color that have been executed in the past three years. Veteran artist Shri Durga Prasad Das, inaugurated the exhibition by lighting auspicious lamp in the presence of Regional secretary Rashtriya Lalitkala Akademi Shri Ramakrishna Vedala and educationist and social activist Dr Shishir Kumar Das on 9th Feb, 2017 at 5.30 pm. The exhibition will be running at Lalitkala Akademi, Kharvel Nagar till 15 Feb 2017.

About the Artist Prabal Mallick 
Prabal Mallick is a watercolorist by passion and temperament. Prabal was born in Odisha and started playing with paint at a very early age. He is a self taught artist and probably that is what contributes to his unique style. His inspiration comes from travel and everyday life that is experienced by him and hence his works are stories of both the without and within. Prabal often romanticizes his subjects through composition and play of light to maximize the ‘feel’ without losing essence of the story. He prefers the emotional over the intellectual in his art and intends to maintain innocence and simplicity in it.
Prabal has been exhibiting his work for last seven years and his works are in private collection in India and abroad. He has also been taking workshops and regular classes on watercolor. He has setup his studio called ‘studio Gamboge’ in his hometown Bhubaneswar, where he currently resides. Prabal also blogs on art and watercolor at http://www.prabalmallick.net/blog .

Artist Statement
For me painting is about trying to find that elusive visual statement that represents the way my heart and mind perceive and want to perceive the world around me. It is also about communicating a certain emotion or mood using a lyrical visual language that is clear yet mysterious, personal yet universal. I paint what touches me in the world around me. Composition and light play a major part in my paintings to amplify the sensation I am trying to communicate. I mainly paint in watercolor medium and prefer to paint en plein air.

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