Private Education institutions Fee May Reduce By 30% In Odisha
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The Corona Virus Pandemic has changed the whole world by accelerating the acceptance of technology in all the spheres of life. Who would have imagined online classes in school and online courts in all the courts of India in the pre pandemic era. Number of companies are toying with the idea of work from anywhere or coming to the office only when it’s absolutely necessary.

Now coming to our topic of discussion – Home Ed. The concept of Home Ed was highly disorganized and was never taken very seriously. But the advent of the online classes during the times of pandemic has made everyone to seriously consider taking this concept further.

No one can deny the fact that the school environment is very much necessary for the holistic development of a child. He/She interacts with his/ her peers and the live interaction with the teachers is a second to none experience one must go through.

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However, in the pandemic era, many parents, especially of the specially abled ones(Children with Autism, ADHD, etc) are of the opinion that children are learning faster in the home environment than in the school. Many factors have driven this. The parents who are working from home or the home makers are being able to guide the children in a manner which was not possible in the pre- pandemic mode of working. The one to one interaction between the parents and the children is hastening the learning process. Even during the online classes, the parents are being able to clear the doubts of the kids on the spot. So there is a good team work between the students, teachers and the parents.

Going Forward, in the post pandemic era, we can think of having the concept of home ed in an organized manner. May be, we can have a hybrid mode of teaching where the option of both online and offline classes would be available to the students. So that students who would wish to continue with the online mode may choose the same. The students who choose the online classes should also have the option of going to the school when they feel it’s necessary or may be for a change.

The Students who opt for Home Ed should be allowed to participate in all the activities of the school and should be allowed to sit for the examinations. This will go a long way in helping with the learning and development of kids, especially the specially abled ones who are learning faster and better in this environment.

Some may agree, some may not, but why not give Home Ed a Thought….

This researched article by Swayambhu Kar

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