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Hand Operated Rice Transplanting Machine innovated by #VSSUT Burla students #Odisha

             Transplanting is the technique of moving the plant from one location to another.  At first the farmers sow rice in a nursery, and after 15 to 20 days it grows up to the size of 2 to 3 inches, after which they are transplanted to the fields. The farmers plant the saplings in a bunch row-wise. But this is a very labor-intensive  job. Farmers plant the saplings bending down which causes various ailments like back-pain, spondylitis. It is very costly for a farmer to hire labor to such jobs.

         The Hand-Operated Rice Transplanter is a solution to the above problem. It is lightweight easy to use machine. The machine is pedal operated and powered by hands. Since it is hand operated, it has very low maintenance, unlike the motor-driven alternatives which require proper maintenance and has a recurring cost of fuels (petrol and diesel). The parts are made from scrap materials which can be easily and readily obtained from any bicycle shop. Such as iron strips, iron rods, bearings, bicycle chain, steel plates, etc. It took 3 months to design and develop the machine, and cost only 1500/- Rs. But if more machines are manufactured in mass, the production cost will significantly reduce.

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