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Must Watch ! Halijaye America Music by #Odia Pua Anupam Nayak released Today After the big success of #Jaiphula #Odisha

After the big success of Jaiphula Anupam is back with his bang!
Finally an Odia music video song has been shoot in Boston, Massachusetts in USA by Choreographer AnupamZ who was also director and actor of the Music Video!! Anupam has done this home produced video with her wife Amrita who is the actress of the music video.

Anupam Nayak  wanted his  own song and not to remake any already existing popular number. Then Anupam Nayak got to know Sangram who is an amazing singer of Odisha industry. he wanted him to give me his melodious voice for my video album and asked him to make a song for me. Then he got the lyrics from Arun Mantri who is a legend Lyricist. He made an awesome lyrics. Music was made by Asad Nizam and he made the song so good.. “I can say I got the best singer, Lyrics and music! ” as he said …

Then we planned to shoot the video in Boston which is a very historical city of USA. Total 4 members crew worked on it
Asst.Director – Sananda
Videographer -Zac Staffier
Director & Actor- Anupam
Actress- Amrita

Singer Sangram – thank you so much for giving an awesome voice again and I’m damn sure whole world will listen your voice.  I’m a fan of Sangram so I requested him to make a song for me and he told me ‘Bhai(brother) I’m going to give my best and I got ‘Halijaye America’. Sangram I’m gonna tell you that you are one of the best contemporary singer and rapper too.

Without a good lyrics we can’t make a good song so a big hats off to Mr Arun Mantri who thought about me and made this awesome lyrics. I liked the part ” Jie Dekhila sie hela Ghaila..Mo pai gadhila tate ki upara wala”!
Asad Nizam ji thank you so much for making such an awesome music track of Bollywood level and I’m very sure that your music is gonna rock.

Each and every secs of your music is amazing.

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