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GM Diet Plan : The Ultimate Fat Burner #HealthTips Article by Usha Panigraphi

Has it been quite a long time since you have been trying to fit yourself into that small, black, lacy dress? Have you been postponing your beach holidays and craving for that summer body??

Folks! Now is the time to slim down your body and bid adieu to those extra kilos. Here comes the GM DIET PLAN. As a rescue to all those dieting plans and gym resolutions that you have failed to follow.

You may be having several questions popping up in your mind as how is this diet plan different from others?? What is the routine we need to follow?? Will it be effective…..etc. You just need to relax as GM Diet plan is the best vegetarian diet plan to lose weight in just 7 days. It may sound unbelievable but a strict following of this diet chart can help you to shed off 5-8 kgs just in a span of a week!

So people….Get ready to welcome the body you desire!


It was invented to provide health benefits to the employees of General Motors Corporation and from there it borrows the name GM Diet Plan. This diet plan not just helps you to lose weight but also works as a maintenance mechanism for your body. You may have tried several diet plans in the past, but this one is the best of all as it has no space for starvation and a carefully designed diet chart.

There are a few important tips one needs to follow during this course-

  • Say NO to alcohol – Yes! Bid Adieu to those “high days” as alcohol blocks the natural detoxifying process.
  • Water is your savior – Drink 10-15 glasses of water every day as it will boost your metabolism and keep you hydrated.

So, let’s dedicate this week to our body and see the charisma unfold.

DAY 1 – The Fruit FUN

The very first day of the diet plan starts with fruits. Consume fruits as watermelon, lime, oranges, apples. Try having more of citrus fruits as they help in the detoxifying process. This pure “fruit day” can help you cut off those extra three pounds on the very first day, so dedication and discipline for the diet plan can really be a miracle for your body. And yes! Not to forget – have as much water as possible.

photo by Stylecraze
photo by Stylecraze

DAY 2- Green Veggie Day

ON the second day, you need to keep yourself restricted to vegetables. There is no need to starve yourself. You can have boiled or raw vegetables during regular intervals. The trick is to basically have the calorie free day and veggies are the best medium for it. Do not, I repeat do not have more than one potato and fill yourself with green and leafy vegetables as broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach. Veg salad with a bit of spice would add flavour to the day.

DAY 3- The Mixed Diet

The third day is basically a fruits + veggie twist. Consume the above-mentioned fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

  • Keep distance from potatoes as they gift you unwanted calories.
  • Do not add sugar or oil; remember a bit of discipline would chop off the extra kilos.

DAY 4- The Banana Feast

A combination of four glasses of milk with six bananas is your diet for your whole day. You may be wondering that bananas are considered as a good solution to weight gain, however in our diet plan; they serve as a source of potassium and sodium for our body in the absence of salt.

  • A bowl of diluted low-calorie soup can serve as your cheat code to go through the day.

Woohoo! Four days completed and just three more to go, the GM Diet Plan has already started showing its initial effects. Yes, that glow on your skin – It’s the gift of this perfect worked our diet plan.

DAY 5- Protein Intake

On the fifth day of your GM Diet plan, you can have 5-6 tomatoes, sprouts, and paneer. And yes! Never forget water – drink 12-15 on day five.

DAY 6- The Double S Magic: Soup and Sprouts

The sixth day is similar to day five however you are not allowed to have tomatoes. Paneer, sprouts, green tea – the day six rule.

And keep yourself motivated!! About to reach the goal!

DAY 7- Climax

Finally, the day you waited for! This being the last day of the diet schedule, you will certainly be in an all gala mood. But no compromises with the diet! Have a cup of brown rice, half chapatti and leafy vegetables to survive the day.

And yes!! The weighing machine gives you that ultimate happiness. Gone are those fat tyres. Bye Bye extra pounds! These seven days of dedication and control paid off really well, didn’t they?

Say hello to the slimmer version of you and get ready for all the beach holidays and sexy dresses.

Some important points to keep in mind while following the GM Diet Plan.

  • Do not starve. Keep munching on healthy food at regular intervals.
  • Gone are the days of coffee and tea breaks, avoid them completely, instead have lime water and green tea.
  • Include a daily 45 minutes workout for effective results.
  • Even after the plan is over, keep a check on the mineral and nutrients in your diet.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water.

So, what are you waiting for?? Roll up your sleeves and dedicate the upcoming week for your body. A week with the GM Diet Plan and the world gets jealous of the new you! All the best!

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