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GK For Competitive Exams (Bank,SSC,Others) PART 95 #GACA #CE

GKCA- eodisha.org

1) _________ got Vyas Samman Award for the year 2013. – Vishwanath Tripathi

2) Recently _______ agreed to grant US $200 Million for Uttarakhand Emergency  Assistance Project. – Asian Development Bank

3) World’s First Bitcoin ATM machine which can exchange digital currency Bitcoins for any official currency launched in Vancouver. Vancouver located in ______ – Canada

4) The cabinet committee on Economic Affairs approved the launch of the IPDS for Textiles Industry. IPDS full form is _____ – Integrated Processing Development Scheme

5) SriLanka won the men’s T20 Cricket World Cup 2014. Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup 2014 won by ________ – Australia

6) Railways Minister Mallikarjun Kharge launched the High Speed Rail Corporation of India Ltd (HSRC), a subsidiary of Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL). The main objective of the  HSRC is _______ – To develop High Speed Rail (HSR) corridors in India to run passenger trains at speeds up to 350 kilometer per hour

7) Recently RBI has been decided to give banks the option to pay interest on savings deposits and term deposits at intervals shorter than existed _______ – Quarterly

8) Recently _______ Scheme launched by the Union Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, Vyalar Ravi for Indian workers in Dubai. – Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Surakha Yojana

9) Recently _______ banned its Citizens from Travelling Abroad for work. – Ethiopia

10) Recently SEBI announced to release the FATCA compliance norms in the fiscal year 2014–15. The FATCA compliance norms will help combat possible tax evasion by Americans through Indian entities. FATCA means _______ – Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

11) _______ appointed as the new Revenue Secretary. – Rajiv Takru

12) The Committee headed by _______ recently submitted its recommendations on issues relating to credit information such as, increasing its coverage, format of reports and best practices to be followed by credit institutions, credit information companies (CICs). – Aditya Puri

13) The Book, titled “Lal Bahadur Shastri : Lessons in Leadership” written by _______ – Pavan Choudhary

14) _______ is the name of light weight revolver, which was launched by Indian Ordinance factory, designed especially for women to defend themselves from assault. – Nirbheek

15) _______ was recently honoured with the Saraswati Samman 2013 award for his book  “Dhool Paudho Par”. – Govind Mishra

16) The RBI adopted the _______ as the key measure of Inflation. – Consumer Price Index (CPI)