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General Awareness for IBPS-Clerk #IBPS #StudyMaterial #PracticeTest

1. According to which international organisation’s report, India is listed among the top five countries across the world where a large number of children dies due to diseases like pneumonia and diarrhoea ?
b. WHO
c. World Bank
Answer: (a)

2. Which one of the following ministeries decided to defer its plan to digitalise cable TV services in metros by four months as they were found not to be ready for it?
a. Union Finance Ministry
b. Union Home Ministry
c. Union Science Ministry
d. Union Information & Technology Ministry
Answer: (d)

3. Name the person who was served the Enforcement Directorate notice to question him on charges of money laundering ?
a. Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy
b. A Raja
c. Suresh Kalmadi
d. Virbhadra Singh
Answer: (a)

4. Which one of the following signed as Brand Ambassador of Kalyan Jewellers?
a. Kajol
b. Katrina Kaif
c. Amitabh Bachchan
d. Diya Mirza
Answer: (c)

5. Which one of the following launched first educational tablet PC?
a. Alphabetics Computer
b. HP
c. IBM
d. Apple
Answer: (a)

6. Which Hindi news channel acquired English News channel NewsX?
a. Aaj Tak
b. Good Morning India
c. India News
d. Information TV
Answer: (d) Information TV

7. Which one of the following launched Purview 808?
a. Nokia
b. BlackBerry
c. Motorola
d. Samsung
Answer. (a) Nokia

8. which of the following is correct?
Nokia Pureview 808 is a ___________
a. Featured Phone
b. Smart Phone
c. Both A and B
d. None of the above
Answer. (b) Smart Phone

9. which one of the following decided to buy London Metal Exchange?
a. Tokyo Stoke Exchange
b. Hong Kong Stock Exchange
c. Toronto Stoke Exchange
d. Korea Exchange
Answer. (b) Hong Kong Stock Exchange

10. Who was the first company in India who had mass-production and sell more than a million cars?
a. Maruti Suzuki
b. Honda Ltd
c. Hyundai Ltd
d. Ford Ltd
Answer. (a)

11. which one of the following appointed as Brand Ambassador of Nepal Cricket Association?
a) Rahul Dravid
b) Sachin Tendulkar
c) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
d) Virat Kohli
Answer. (c)

12. Consider the following two Statements:
I. BlackBerry is a Featured phone.
II. BlackBerry was developed and designed by Apple.
Which of the following answer is correct?
a) I is correct
b) II is correct
c) Both I) and II are correct
d) Both I) and II are incorrect
Answer. (d)

13. Consider the following Statment?
a) BlackBerry- Featured Phone
b) Motorola MOTO Q8 – Featured Phone
c) BlackBerry- Smartphone
d) Motorola MOTO Q8- Smartphone
Which two of the following is correct?
a) A and B
b) B and C
c) C and D
d) D and A
Answer. (c)