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MadhuSudan Das – First Odia in All & Founder of Utkal Sammilani  #UtkalaGouraba  #Odisha by Pranab Das

first Indian Minister Madhusudan Das postal Stamp - Stamp of Odisha

Madhu Sudan Das the grand old man of Odisha was born in Satybhamapur of Cuttack district, 20 km. away from Cuttack. His father was a Zamindar Chowdhury Raghunath Das and mother was Parvati Devi. His younger brother was Gopal Ballav Das who was magistrate in undivided Bihar-Odisha province and father to Rama Devi. Madhubabu was born as GobindBallav Das.

He was 1st Odia graduate(BA), 1st MA, 1st Odia to go overseas, 1st Odia law graduate,1st Odia barrister, 1st member of legislative council of Bihar-Odisha.

Due to prevailing traditions and beliefs, he was declared as an out caste. Then he embraced Christianity and married to a Bengali Christian. He spoke Bengali at Home for this reason. He adopted his fried’s daughter Sudhanshubala Hazra and Sailabala Das.

It is interesting to note that, 2 colleges of Odisha RamaDevi Women’s college(now university) and Sailabala women’s college are named after his niece and daughter respectively. Madhubabu was first minister in India to resign from the post.

Though a Christian, MadhuSudan Das saved Jagannath temple from  British hands and handed it to Puri Maharaj Gajapati.

Like the great leader Mahatama Gandhi, he created a leaders like Gopabandhu, Nilakantha, Godabarish encouraged literary figures like Radhanath Ray, Gangadhar Meher, Fakir Mohan Senapati , Madhusudan Rao and activists like Gourishankar Ray and royals like KrushnachandraGajapati and ShriramChandra Bhanja and Sir SudhalaDeba followed and obeyed him.

Such was his patriotism, he preferred to self-declare himself bankrupt rather than slightest compromise with handmade leather shoes made in Utkal Tannery. Biju Pattnaik idolized him, is obvious from the fact that he named all his venture as Kalinga ventures with respect to Madhubabu’s Utkal nomenclature. He was famous barrister with lot of fortune which he invested in Utkal tannery. For tannery, he collected dead animals’ skin as leather, sensitive towards religious feelings of Odisha.

He was home-tutor to Sir AshutoshMukherjee (known as Royal Bengal Tiger and father to shyama Prasad Mukherjee,founder BJS) andDr. JanakinathBose( father to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose).He was so successful as a lawyer that his birthday is celebrated as lawyers’ day in Odisha and the saying goes

Bada hele patha padhibi,Kalia ghodare chadhibi, madhu barrister sange ladhibi.

Which roughly means; I would ride black horse and fight in court with Madhu barrister.

Founder of Utkal Sammilani, in his life time, achieved his goal of separate statehood for Odisha, but died before formally seeing it in 1934. The uncrowned king of Odisha is rightly known as Kulabrudha or The grand Oldman of Odisha.