Shubhdristi launched first Odia digital tribal magazine named "Ama Janajaati"
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The closeness of our tribes to nature and traditions has been around since time immemorial. Looking back from time to time, we can see the clear canvas of our tribes with their human values ​​and simplicity, impartiality, and so on. Tribal people are the symbol of art, craftsmanship, craftsmanship, brotherhood and the revered tradition of nature worship. With the aim of glorifying the greatness of our tribal culture through literature, Shubhdristi magazine has published a free e-magazine “Ama Janajaati” on tribal culture.

first Odia
first Odia digital tribal magazine named “Ama Janajaati”

In February 2020, AP Subhakanta along with his friends launched Shubhdristi E magazine with the aim of providing a free odia literary magazine to all Odias living in Odisha and beyond.

Ama Janajaati : –

Now they collaborated with Tribal Friends Odisha and Indigenous Heritage tales for the the first odia tribal e-magazine “Ama Janajaati“. It has been prepared by Shubhdristi with the aim of glorifying the traditions, folklore and lifestyles of the 62+ tribes living in Odisha now globally. It was made public during the Karma festival.The first edition is compiled with articles on Karam Parab, Saora Lifestyle, Rath Yatra & Ramayana in tribal culture, forestry farming methods, folklore and folk songs and interview with Abhimanyu Mallick, a scientist working in ISRO.

The uniqueness of this magazine is that it is the first Odia tribe e magazine. While Malati Kanhar was its editor, she was co-edited by Abhilipsa Padhi and AP Subhakanta. Om Prakash Biswal designed the logo and the team used Shuchismita Sahu’s Saora Art to cover the magazine. Following the launch of the magazine, Rajya Sabha MP and Rajya Sabha Vice-Chairman Dr Sasmit Patel congratulated the team on social media. You can read the magazine at this link। 

By A P Subhakanta Samal

Teacher, Proud Odia. Passionate about History and heritages of Odisha. Founder and Chief editor of Shubhdristi (ଶୁଭଦୃଷ୍ଟି), A bi-monthly Odia e magazine and literature portal.