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English Language for Exams Part 32 #EL #CE



Give suitable words to fill in:

1) If you like, you —– for two days.

2) If I —— the film in the cinema, I wouldn’t have watched it on TV again.

3) If the parents bought the cat, their children — – very happy.

4) Metal ——- if you heat it.

5) He ——- my e-mail if he’d been online yesterday evening.

6) They’d have been able to return the bottle if they——- the labels.

7) If she ——– up her room, she must find the receipt.

8) What ——- if you had a million dollars.

9) Where would you live if you—— younger.

10) If you —— for a little moment, I’ll tell the doctor you are here.


1.can stay

2. had seen

3. would be


5. should have received

6.hadn’t torn off

7. tidies up

8.would you do

9. were

10.will wait