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Dynamic Odissi Dancer Debasish Pattnaik with his Guruji’s Team Live performance in #Tirupati #Tirumalla #Devasthanam

Dynamic International Odissi Dancer Sri Debasish Pattnaik with his Guruji’s Team had a wonderful Live performance in Tirupati Tirumalla Devasthanam on 25th April 2016 at ISD 18.00 hrs.This wonderful show was live coverage by TTD & SVBC Channel.

This devine evening on gone with 4 performances, which are  choreographed by Guru Sri. Durgacharan Ranbir.

First the opening theam was “Chandra Upasana” a Odissi Recital, which is dedicated to Chandra i.e Moon. The team depicted the churning of the ocean milk which yelded this milk white deity, then went on to extol Shiva who wears the moon as his crown and finally ended with an obisance to the moon, The Chandra Namaskar. Then it move on to the Second performance “Stayee” by the male performers, whis is a forceful dance form of odissi, in due regards to the cosmic lord Shiva, which is a unique combination of force, furiousness, movements and music.

Thirdly Pallavi by the female performers which is a pure dance item it starts with slow, graceful & lyrical movements of the eyes, neck, torso & feet & slowly builds in a crescendo to climax in a fast tempo at the end.
Then fourthly the closing performance was “Jagannath Gopinath” which is a devine amalgam of divinity and odissi, which juxtaposed the concepts and stories associated with Lord Krishna in his form of Jagannath at puri and as Lord Gopinath in Vrindavan. The intend intention of the theam is to resiprocate the conventional manner where the stress is on the nrittya abilities and coordination.

 Dynamic Odissi Dancer Debasish Pattnaik with his Guruji's Team Live performance in #Tirupati #Tirumalla #Devasthanam eOdisha.Org

All apart had a dyed-in-wool classical audience who blessed and energies the team to give the best in the devine land rather stage of Tirupati Balaji.

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