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           The 8th day of Krushna pakhya of Aaswina month is called as “Mula astami” This day all odia used to celebrate as Dwitibaahaan Osha or we used to call as Dwutia osha . This festival is mainly women used to do for their sons betterment and to get good sons. The god of this Osha is “Dwutibahan”

dutibahan osha

The priests do not play ally part in the Vratas and Osha’s; these are usually celebrated under the supervision and direction of women, which testifies to the simplicity, easy belief and tenderness characterising the folk or communal spirit. They help in augmenting the religious or spiritual life of the people enabling them to resist the temptations of the worldly spirit or materialistic way of life.

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The important Oshas are Jahni Osha, Bodhivamana Osha, Dutia Osha, Sasthi Osha, Khudurukuni Osha, Puajiuntia Osha, Kharkhari Osha, Dhananlanika Osha, Bhaijuntia, Nishamangalavarta Oshat and Kanjianala Osha.

The important Vntiis are: Sudasa Vrata, Vinayaka Vrata, Rabinarayan Vrata, Sambaradasami Vrata, Somanath Vrata, Savitri Vrata, Nagarchuuthi and Ananta Vrata. Among them Puajuntia and Bhnijiolltia are observed: in the western region, Kharkhari in the southern region.

Khudurukuni Osha which is observed by unmarried girls on the Sundays of the month of Bhadrab for the welfare of their brothers is observed in the coastal districts. Another Oriya Osha is Prathamastami the first eighth day of the month of Margasira on which a rite is held .for the long-life and prosperity of the eldest child who is offered a lighted lamp ovation by the senior Female relatives, mother, aunt, grand mother, etc. followed by elaborate rituals during which the Glory of Mahalakshmi is recited.

Raja is another special Odia festival celebrated by girls with eclat, It is observed for three consecutive days from the day preceding Jyestha Sankrati to the day following it during which Mother Earth is supposed to be in her menstrual period; it is thus a fertility rite.

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