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Dr. Swati Mohanty -Odia receives National Geoscience Awards from President of India – 2014 #Odia #Geoscience

Dr. Swati Mohanty, Senior Principal Scientist, Institute of Minerals & Materials Technology, Bhubaneswar, has been involved in mathematical modelling in mineral beneficiation which has made a significant impact on the development of mineral processing technology.

Dr. Swati Mohanty Mineral Beneficiation

Dr. Mohanty, working in the area of mineral processing, has specialized in mathematical modelling and simulation. Her major contribution has been in developing mathematical models for several unit operations such as multiple hearth furnace, liquid-liquid extraction and bio-leaching columns, hydrocyclone, spiral, Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator (WHIMS), fluidized bed etc. In addition to modelling she has contributed to the controller design for flotation column. She has used mathematical tools such as population balance modelling, computational fluid dynamics and artificial neural network model for mineral processing operations such as beneficiation, bioleaching, and solvent extraction.

In recognition of her significant contributions in the field of Mineral Beneficiation, the National Geoscience Award-2014 is conferred on Dr. Swati Mohanty. She shares the award with Dr. Sreenivas Tumuluri.


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