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#DontLetHerGo The Spectacular Story of Laxmi Purana From #Odisha #LaxmiPurana Blog by Debajani Mohanty

Salutations to Thee, Oh Goddess of Wealth


She is not adorned with ten weapons as a bitterly fuming Durga,
She has no thirst for human blood as a vicious Kali,
She even does not endorse education or art as a peace-loving learned Saraswati .

Yet the goddess of wealth Laxmi perhaps is the most favored and revered deity among the Hindus. From Kashmir to Kanya Kumari and from Gujarat to Tripura, no one wishes to annoy her; no one wishes to let her go. Recently this global Hindu sentiment is intelligently exploited by #DontLetHerGo, the unique, amazing short film by Amitabh Bachan and Kangna Ranaut for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, a national campaign by the Government of India that had been an instant hit on the social media.

“It is said that Goddess of wealth Laksmi stays in cleanliness. Still we throw garbage all around. Next time think before throwing garbage, Laksmi may abandon you,” says Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan in the video.

Feminism & Shri Laxmi

Shripada: footprint of goddess Laxmi

Pic source http://www.hindu-blog.com/2010/10/shripada-footprints-of-goddess-lakshmi.html

Wherever she puts her charming feet dazzles with gold, rhymes with ecstasy. Wherever she halts all virtues merge and peace pervades.

Laxmi remains the ultimate positive symbolization of feminism. She is her own provider, she is her own protector, and she has a mind of her own. No shackle, no fetter, no prison in this universe may seal her movements. Diligent, loving, serene, witty; she lodges only with those who bear the same qualities as Laxmi herself.

The cleanliness as well as feminism that we associate goddess Laxmi with today is exotically covered by Shri Balaram Das, an eminent rebel poet from Odisha some five centuries back.

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Story of Laxmi & the Chandalika

The plot of this legendary tale revolves around Laxmi and Jagannatha, another name of Shri Vishnu. Goddess Laxmi who resides in the holy temple of Puri, one day visits the home of Shriya, a Chandalika or a low-caste woman of suburbs. Pleased with Shriya’s devotion, cleanliness as well as diligence Laxmi blesses the young woman and her poor hut in no time gets transformed into a gigantic mansion. Soon Shriya’s instant good luck becomes the talk of the town whereas goddess Laxmi had to face the wrath of Lord Jagannatha and the other custodians of the temple for visiting an untouchable. Laxmi who neither offends nor bears any insult from others quietly walks out of the temple leaving Lord Jagannatha and his elder brother Balabhadra behind.

With Laxmi leaves the prosperity, with Laxmi leaves peace, with Laxmi even leaves the food and even shelter. As hunger and bad luck spells the Lord Brothers Jagannatha and Balabhadra ultimately had to leave the temple and beg for food and shelter on the streets of Puri. Finally Laxmi visits them disguised as an untouchable and offers food that the duos are obliged to accept.

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In Odisha as well as several neighboring regions such as Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh Lakshmi Purana is revered as a sacred text in every household. Women perform a special one-month-long Lakshmi Puja in the Hindu month of Margasirsha or winter. The Lakshmi Puja that’s widely known as Mana osha or Sudasha Brata is celebrated weekly on every Thursday of that month, and mostly the females worship Goddess Lakshmi with all rituals.

Financial Independence of Indian Women


debajani-mohanty        Story of Laxmi Purana is a perfect example of cleanliness, non-discrimination as well as respect for womanhood. In a country where still millions women are victims of evil-practices such as widowhood, dowry, human trafficking as well as female foeticide; story of a self-provider, self-protector Laxmi remains symbolization of financial independence of women that raises hope for brighter future for Indian women.

Glory to the goddess of wealth, Shri Laxmi.

  • Contributed by Debajani Mohanty, Author & Senior I.T. Professional

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