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Don’t you think the Federal Culture Crises in India!!! – which affects an examples on Odisha !!

Article by Bibekananda Patnaik: Germany was divided into two parts into east and west Germany after 2nd World War and Reunited on 3rd October 1990 which is called as German Unity Day .

On the same time Federal culture of india is going down to down . If we see recent geographical culture and political culture, We more behave like a Independent States rather than Unity!!.
Don't you think the Federal Culture Crises in India!!! eOdisha.org

Recent example of Odisha with West Bengal during the crises of Potato after the Philine cyclone 2013 in between October to November . During this time Odisha CM Mr . Naveen Patnaik proposed to the CM of West Bengal CM for the help of Potato export from WB to Odisha but here West Bengal Chief Minister denied to export the Potato.

If this type things happened more then every Federal state of India think for themselves rather for the whole country .We should learn from USSR division . Once upon time , USSR was the most powerful country on every field from space , sports , science and agriculture. But Now , they divided and they stands no where.

Also We should learn from Germany . Once they divided and now they united .

With the help of this document , I want to reunite every indian in any geographical locations .So that , We will not see more pakistan .