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OdishaCoronaUpdates : One more positive coronavirus case in #Bhubaneswar - Total positive case is 3 now
OdishaCoronaUpdates : One more positive coronavirus case in #Bhubaneswar – Total positive case is 3 now

A lot has been said about the negatives of CoronaVirus. The epidemic has turned into a pestilence in most part of the world today. The spread has reached 197 countries infecting half of a million across the globe. The number of tests awaiting confirmation are in tens of millions in this hour. And the number of infected is rapidly increasing day by day. In this age of science nobody is able to find a cure till date. Controlling the spread has become the only mean to save mankind. Governments have locked down their territories to check the spread. Except getting biological immunity there seems to be no solution to it. Understanding the nature of destruction it could lead to; 

Our government has announced a complete lockdown for 21 days. It is being said that 21 days that is three weeks is enough for adopting a new habit. So instead of living in a panicked situation why shouldn’t we adopt some great habits and make this time a meaningful one? Shouldn’t we use this lockdown period as an opportunity to learn new things? Explore ourselves! To make a good habit and live with it for the remaining days of our life.? No matter what’s our opinion is but the world will never be the same.

Don't Panic for Coronavirus
Don’t Panic for Coronavirus

Restart of everything and starting everything from the beginning is unavoidable!  Science may have advanced a lot but it is yet to bring a solution to our sorrows. The as usual approach may not last long. So why shouldn’t we learn from this time and adopt the best out of in our daily life and reject the old ones that is being harmful to us.

Today it’s corona tomorrow there will be another one. In this era of gadgets book reading had taken a backseat. Am happy to note that many are adopting this practice afresh.  With the innovation of gadgets life may have become a bit easy but still it couldn’t get us relieved from stress. Though for a short period of time our hectic lifestyle has come to an end with this coronadays. 

All the roads those were full of chaos causing air pollution, noise pollution by vehicles suddenly stopped. Our cities, villages were craving for peaceful atmosphere and see corona delivered that !The new generation that is incredibly ignorant about Indian family culture is realizing it and tasting the sweetness of living with family in a room. The relationship with your dear ones the bond of family is getting stronger and stronger.

Living with your parents, grand parents is way more entertaining than living with gadgets.The culture of Indian family surely going to be rebooted. Everyone is getting closer to their near ones and dear ones.

Reading habit is being adopted after taking a break from other activities. This is going to lead India towards the position of Viswaguru.The no. of diabetics were rapidly increasing. It was in such a pace that India was soon going to be declared the diabetes capital of the world but after going to various social media posts I am learning that people are adopting Yoga and meditation with family., This will not only help them spend quality time but also help in improving immunity of our body.

One more suggestion at last If you have small area near your home why don’t you engage yourself in gardening? Till the lifting of this lockdown you would definitely get fresh eatables for your family and the amount of satisfaction that you will get from this is unparallel. 
So leave the stress and start afresh.
Article By Surya Narayan Sahoo

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